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Thomas Hewitt was the father of Harry Hewitt and Alice Burgess, grandfather of Lucille and Christopher Hewitt, husband of Mary Hewitt, brother to Flo Hewitt and Molly Hewitt.

The son of Samuel Hewitt and stepson of Gertie Hewitt, Thomas lost his father and biological mother to TB. He grew up at 3 Coronation Street and served with the Lancashire Fusiliers during the First World War, being sent home in 1918 after a leg injury. He ended a feud between his family and the neighbouring Makepiece family when he married their daughter Mary. Thomas and Mary had three children, Alice, Harry and Frances, who died from scarlet fever as a baby. Thomas and Mary both worked at Hardcastle's Mill and so when the mill went out of business in 1931 the family was pushed into poverty. Mary got a job at the new Elliston's Raincoat Factory but, unable to find work, Thomas agreed to do a job for Freddie Malone, stealing raincoats from the factory. He was caught and arrested and sent to Strangeways for five months. When he returned, Mary had changed, the situation driving her insane. Mary's problems came to a head when she attacked Harry with a knife, resulting in her being institutionalized. Thomas was not close to his children and was ashamed of Harry for not enlisting at the onset of World War II. After Alice's husband Sam Burgess was killed, Thomas pushed Harry to enlist, to make up for what had happened to Sam. This lead Alice to cut off all ties with Thomas, as she blamed him for Sam's death since Thomas had also pushed Sam to enlist.

Thomas died in 1947, shortly after his wife.

Thomas's death could be debated. Upon Lucille Hewitt's return from the orphanage at Christmas 1960, Harry says that he has sent all her Christmas presents to the orphanage with exception to her Grandad's. This could refer to either Thomas or her maternal grandfather.
Thomas appeared in the books Keeping the Home Fires Burning, written by Daran Little, set from 1914-1918, and Coronation Street at War and The Way to Victory, written by Little and Christine Green, set from 1939-1945.