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The Magic of Coronation Street was a 1982 video spin-off containing six Coronation Street episodes from the 1960s, with newly recorded linking material with actors Patricia Phoenix, Peter Adamson and Doris Speed. The linking scenes were scripted and performed in-character, with Elsie Tanner, Len Fairclough and Annie Walker reminiscing in the Rovers Return Inn to introduce each episode. It was the first commercial release in the programme's history.

The special was produced by Bill Podmore, then-producer of Coronation Street, and directed as a normal episode, using the 1982 title sequence.

In 1985, The Magic of Coronation Street was re-issued as two separate videos, each featuring three episodes, by Vestron Video.



# No. Date
1 1 9th December 1960
2 16 16th February 1961
3 108 25th December 1961
4 165 11th July 1962
5 317 25th December 1963
6 421 23rd December 1964


  • Within the narrative of the special, Elsie tells Len that her grandson Paul Cheveski has been made a petty officer. This is not referenced in any regular Coronation Street episode.
  • The subtitle on the cover reads Distant Memories 1960-64. The same title is given in an opening caption on the video.
  • The six episodes were presented without the "End of Part One" and "Part Two" breaks and the end credits.
  • Part Two of the 1985 reissue would later turn up in the background of the actual show as a video on the shelves of the Kabin, notably Episode 2860 (29th August 1988) and Episode 2861 (31st August 1988).