Little boy lost
Pardon the Expression
Episode number 10
Episode The Little Boy Lost
ITV broadcast date 4th August 1965 (Wednesday)
Writer Richard Harris and Dennis Spooner
Director Walter Butler
Designer Terry Pritchard
Previous episode The Birthday Present
Next episode The Old One-Two


Little Alexander Field is lost on a day trip to his aunties' from his Edinburgh home or so he tells the staff of Dobson and Hawks when they find him playing bagatelle in the store's toy department. But soon they discover they have been hooked by a ten-year old confidence trickster. The task of looking after him falls to Mr Swindley, who has to keep him entertained for the day before he can be reunited with his relatives when they are due to return to the store at six o'clock. After visits to the park and the cinema Alexander reveals that in fact he only lives a few streets away but he's afraid to return home as his father is violent. Outraged by the tales he hears Swindley takes Alexander home only to find that he's been had again - Mr Field is an upright police constable and his wayward son pulls this same stunt almost once a month, although as Alexander tells Swindley, today was his most enjoyable day out yet - so much so that he reappears at the store again the following morning!


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Commercial releases

This episode was included in Network DVD collection Pardon the Expression - The Complete First Series, released on 4th May, 2009.

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