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A tram crashes onto Coronation Street following the Joinery explosion

The Joinery was a bar first opened under the ownership of Peter Barlow and Leanne Battersby, but when Peter was found to be a recovering alcoholic the bar plans were put on hold.

Tram crashEdit

Following the reopening of The Joinery by Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby the establishment was hosting Peter's stag night prior to his wedding to Leanne.

While the party was in full swing, there was a gas explosion in the kitchen of the bar which caused a tram to derail and crash from the viaduct crushing the roof of The Joinery and causing the ceiling to collapse with Peter, Nick and Ashley Peacock trapped inside.

Nick and Peter managed to make it out with a few injuries but Ashley lost his life.

When that end of the street was fully rebuilt and the building made stable, Nick eventually decided to open another bar at this location and this is how Nick's Bistro was opened.

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