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Turn out the Lights
Episode number 4
Episode The Happy Medium
ITV broadcast date 23rd January 1967 (Monday)
Writer Stanley Hearne
Director David Boisseau
Designer Denis Parkin
Previous episode A Big Hand For A Little Lady
Next episode You Can't Get Out Of The Wood


The elderly residents of a small seaside hotel become very interested when the colourful Stella Lonsdale starts holding regular séances. But a series of strange events soon prompts the proprietress, Miss Pannel to call in her old friends Messrs Swindley and Hunt to investigate something darker than a clouded crystal ball.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Mrs Thursby Ackland - Joan Heath
  • David - Eynon Evans
  • Miss Pannel - Veronica Hurst
  • Mrs Braithwaite - Patsy Crowther
  • Mrs Cunliffe - Edith Sharpe
  • Stella Lonsdale - Eithne Dunne
  • Miss Ruby Potter - Dorothea Rundle
  • Rev Austin Mayhew - Eric Hillyard