Flying horse outside

The Flying Horse in 2009

The Flying Horse is a pub in Jubilee Terrace, Weatherfield. The pub was originally owned by brewery Newton & Ridley and opened in 1850 as "The Flying Dutchman". For patriotic reasons the name was changed in 1905.

It is close to the Rovers Return in Coronation Street and in the 1970s and 1980s it was usually where the Rovers regulars went when they couldn't drink at their local. The pubs enjoyed a friendly rivalry and occasionally competed in contests, including several Pub Olympics, a tug-of-war in 1967, a football game in 1969, a pram race in 1978, a barbershop quartet competition in 1980 and a talent contest in 1984. The Rovers usually won, only losing out to the Flying Horse in the tug-of-war and the pram race.

The two pubs have also shared staff. In 1970, Rovers barmaid Betty Turpin briefly worked at the Flying Horse when landlady Annie Walker accused her of theft, while in 1989 Rovers landlady Bet Gilroy took a barmaid's position at the Flying Horse when she fell out with her husband Alec Gilroy.

More recently, Roy Cropper proposed to Hayley Paterson during a 70s pop party in the Flying Horse's function room in 1999, and a pub crawl on Tyrone Dobbs's stag night in 2009 included a visit to the Flying Horse.

In February 2018, Tracy Barlow and Beth Sutherland went here for a karaoke night.


The following people have worked at the Flying Horse over the years, among others.




In Episode 1212 (28th August 1972), Stan Ogden gave the address of the Flying Horse as being on Rosamund Street rather than Jubilee Terrace.

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