Terrence "Tez" Collier was a prisoner at Highfield Prison alongside Abe Crowley and David Platt.

In October 2019, Tez beat up his new cellmate Josh Tucker after receiving news that he was inside for rape. Later, he discovered that Josh was actually a male rapist - when David revealed that he was the victim - and helped to organise a prison riot so that David could be given the chance to kill Josh. During the riot, David came to his senses and instead attempted to protect Josh - however, Tez and Abe eventually found him and left him in a coma after repeatedly stabbing him. Despite the attempted murder Josh survived, and David later confessed to his solicitor Imran Habeeb that Tez and Abe were to blame. The trio were brought before a Judge, and the case was referred to the crown court when all three pleaded not guilty.

Sometime after Josh awoke and claimed that David alone had attacked him, but following visits from Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman he decided to change his story and blamed the entire attack on Tez and Abe. Before David was released, Tez and Abe warned him that he would be after him if they found out that he had anything to do with Josh telling the truth.

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