Tez was the best friend of Karl Munro who turned up in March 2012 to install a flat screen TV in the Rovers' bar. This move proved to be unpopular with the customers however, so Karl's partner Stella Price ordered him to take it back down.

A man who was always "cooking" something, he'd contacted Karl in August of that year with the offer of a job lot of Chinese smoke detectors for £500. With a jobless Karl now cohabiting with Sunita Alahan at 7 Coronation Street, the couple were totally strapped for cash but Sunita initially put the kibosh on Karl's idea of buying up the stock when she refused to take the money from her and former husband Dev's joint bank account. Following a falling-out with Dev over the amount of money he was spending on the twins, she changed her mind and Karl bought up Tez's stock - selling on all 250.

Tez turned up again in August of the following year after Karl and Stella had reconciled and got engaged, and was to asked to be Karl's best man. Tez began to notice the tension between Karl and Jason Grimshaw, who (rightfully) believed that Karl was responsible for burning down the Rovers several months previously and killing Sunita. Tez witnessed a confrontation between the two men in the Rovers' back room and had to order Karl to hand a phone back over to Jason, which contained pictures from the charity night held at Nick's Bistro that proved Karl was absent from the event around the same time the pub was burnt down.

Tez was present at Karl and Stella's wedding ceremony the following month. However, a frantic Dev turned up at Weatherfield Register Office to halt proceedings and inform Stella of Karl's involvement in his wife's death, but was too late. The police later turned up to arrest Karl who had locked himself in the pub with Stella and Dev as hostages. He eventually gave himself up to the police.

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