Terry Seymour was a customer of Kevin Webster's who took legal action against Kevin when the mechanic crashed Terry's car while repairing it in 1991.

Terry had gone to Kevin directly instead of calling Casey's Garage due to his experience of garages overcharging. Kevin agreed to fix his car as a foreigner and in January that year, after finishing his shift at Casey's, Kevin arrived at Terry's house to check over the vehicle. Suspecting that the problem Terry described was being caused by a faulty alternator, Kevin took the car for a test drive, in the course of which another motorist pulled out in front of him, causing Kevin to swerve into some roadworks.

After reclaiming his car, Terry took it to a dealers before calling at 13 Coronation Street to inform Kevin that he should expect to pay £1,250 for repairs. Initially, Kevin was confident that his boss and friend Mark Casey would put the accident through Casey's Garage's insurance, particularly as he was moonlighting to make extra money due to the recent birth of his daughter Rosie, but Mark refused to break the law by doing so and Kevin was forced to find a way to pay the bill himself. Having heard nothing from Kevin, Terry turned up at the garage to ask how and when he could expect payment. Knowing Terry's stance on garage prices, Kevin offered to do the work himself for half the price, but Terry didn't want him touching the car and patronisingly told Kevin he had to learn that liability was a serious matter.

Terry continued to hound Kevin for updates while the young mechanic worked out a repayment plan, having refused to take out a loan. After the car was repaired, in Kevin's absence Terry handed the bill to Sally Webster and was offered £400 upfront and the rest at £10 a week. Terry refused to consider less than full payment and turned the matter over to his solicitor, who sent Kevin notice that he'd be sued if payment wasn't received within fourteen days. The Websters' ordeal ended when Sally's mother Elsie Seddon paid their debt in full just in time.

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