Terry gilligan

Terry as D.S. Taylor

Terry Gilligan
played nine parts in Coronation Street from his days as a child actor through to more recent appearances in adult roles:

Terry has played many parts on television since the 1960s, including a role in the Tony Warren-scripted 1968 Granada series The War of Darkie Pilbeam as well as parts for the same company in City 68, Nightingale's Boys and Fallen Hero. Other roles include many parts as policemen in series such as Home to Roost, Families and Heartbeat, as well as roles in Cracker, Shoot to Kill, Bulman, How We Used to Live, Barbara, Now You See Her, Always and Everyone, Dear Ladies (with Hinge and Bracket), All Creatures Great and Small, The Cops and several different roles in Emmerdale and Last of the Summer Wine.