Terry Conway was a furniture importer who dated Alma Sedgewick for a few months in 1989, despite being married with children. They met when Alma caught Terry's eye at David Betts, a wine bar in the countryside where Terry and his friend Dave Sparks had gone on a lunch date.

Smouldering after being dumped by Mike Baldwin for a younger woman, Alma had gone out with Audrey Roberts to take her mind off Mike. Audrey had just reminded Alma of the old adage that there were plenty of fish in the sea when Terry and Dave introduced themselves and sat with the ladies. Describing his job, Terry impressed with his stories about spending time in Italy for work.

They had such a good time that they went on another date at a nightclub, with Alma persuading Audrey to come along as a date for Dave. Alma liked Terry, but she was still hung up on Mike, and brought Terry into the Rovers just to make Mike jealous. However, it was not Mike they ran into but Audrey and Alf Roberts, and as Audrey was single as far as Terry was concerned, he nearly blew the whistle on Audrey's secret night out, only realising what was going on when Alma introduced him to Alf. Shaken by the encounter, Audrey told Alma to count her out of any more double dates.

Four months later, Terry was Alma's date at the Jim's Cafe's Christmas night out at Brambles Nightclub. A few days later, Alma got back with Mike and dumped Terry.

The character was credited with surname in his last appearance only. Other appearances credit him as "Terry".

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