Fred Elliott organised a fancy dress Halloween party in the Rovers in October 2003 and part of the night's entertainment was the presence of Terri Metcalfe, a tarot card reader.

She arrived well before the party started to sort out her seating arrangements - not for "lay-line" purposes as Bev Unwin wondered but because she would be sat down "on me bum" for several hours reading cards and wanted to know that she had a good seat and lighting! Fred was concerned that his son Ashley Peacock wasn't letting go and moving on after the murder of his wife Maxine the previous January and asked her to "pass on" a message telling him to let the past be the past and he would pay her £50 for doing so.

Terri upset the McDonalds when she said that Steve and Karen would be apart for periods in their marriage, especially when she hinted that it would be because of a return to prison on Steve's part. She then told Shelley Unwin that when she looked back on her life she would realise that she'd only had one true love, at which Peter Barlow, her recent bigamous husband, walked in and near to her, and she revealed to Bev that she would be married to someone connected to the Rovers. When a reluctant Ashley was brought forward by Fred, Terri gave him the rehearsed speech but he angrily dismissed it as a fake and stormed out. Fred was nevertheless pleased with Terri's performance and offered her the money as agreed but she refused it, saying that she had been genuine and had seen Maxine before her as clearly as she saw Fred now and that sometimes her psychic gifts could be a curse.

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