Infobox TOTL Episode


{{Infobox TOTL Episode|
| episode          = Name of the episode
| number           = Episode number
| date             = Date episode was originally broadcast on UK television, and the day
| writer           = Who wrote the script, if known
| director         = Who directed, if known
| designer         = Designer of the Episode
| previous         = Link to episode broadcast before
| next             = Link to episode broadcast after

Example of usage

{{Infobox TOTL Episode|
|episode=The Boyhood Haunt
|image =[[Image:Turn_out_the_Lights_Ep1.JPG|200px]]
|episode=The Boyhood Haunt
|date=[[2nd January]] [[1967]] (Friday)
|writer=[[Peter Eckersley]] and [[Kenneth Cope]]
|director=[[Michael Fox]]
|designer=[[Roy Stonehouse]]
|next=[[Turn out the Lights: Hail to Thee, Aunt Shelmadine|Hail to Thee, Aunt Shelmadine]]
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