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The regulars see the rock...

17th August 1987: For two years, Bet Lynch had tried her best to make a good job of running the Rovers but had been forced to borrow £5,000 from Alec Gilroy to buy the tenancy. Unable to maintain the payments, she did a runner and fled to Torremolinos. Alec found out where she was and followed her, surprising both her and himself with a proposal of marriage. They returned home to delight that she was back but shocked reactions at their news. Mike Baldwin congratulated him on his canny move but was angrily slapped down by Alec that his intentions were sincere. Gloria Todd asked Bet if she was truely happy and she admitted it wasn't what she had envisaged for herself but they were birds of a feather and it might be a closer union than she or anyone else thought it could be.