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Peter Ingram pays the price for dealing with Mike Baldwin

15th August 1990: Mike Baldwin had been desperate to get himself back into the big time since losing his money to Robert Prescott in a scam which had backfired. After being stopped from making travel bags in the flat of Jim's Cafe, he was employed by Peter Ingram on the basis that it was better to have Mike working for him as a sales representative for Ingram's Textiles than out in the world as a competitor. However Mike set up his own covering company Phoenix Fabrics with the intention of poaching Peter's customers for his own benefit. Peter suspected what Mike was up to and had his own wife Jackie interview for Phoenix Fabrics manager. Mike was duly found out and demoted to the shop floor as work's manager, angrily protesting his treatment. It was while he was raging at Baldwin that Peter suddenly collapsed on the floor of his office, suffering a heart attack. Peter died the next day and Mike moved in for the kill on the widow...