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The best day of Becky McDonald's life...?

14th August 2009: Five months after Steve McDonald and Becky Granger's first attempt to get married had failed after she turned up at the ceremony blind drunk, they gave it another go and this time with greater success. To everyone's surprise, the entire McDonald clan were at the ceremony and went on to the reception at the Rovers afterwards. What no one knew was that Becky's old nemesis, DC Hooch, had put pressure on an old acquaintance Neil "Slug" Ackroyd to plant drugs and cash in her handbag. Hooch and the police raided the pub and "found" the items and arrested her, still in her bridal outfit. Having told Steve (truthfully) that she had won the pair of them a honeymoon in a competition, Steve initially suspected his new wife had used the sale of drugs to finance the holiday but found out that she was innocent of the charge. He tried to get her released from the police station but she ended up spending her wedding night in the cells.