Television Wales and the West (or TWW) first went on the air on 14th January 1958 covering south Wales and the west of England. The station was never a major player in the ITV network although its regional programming was held in high regard. It carried Coronation Street from its very first episode in 1960 and was one of several stations that lost its franchise in a controversial decision as part of the 1967 reshuffle. Furious at their treatment by the Independent Television Authority (ITA), TWW sold the remaining months of its franchise to their successor HTV and broadcast for the final time on Sunday 3rd March 1968. Episode 752 was the final episode of Coronation Street carried by the station. As HTV were not yet ready to take over fully the ITA set up the Independent Television Service for Wales and the West which transmitted ITV in the area from 4th March to 20th May 1968.

When Wales West and North Television collapsed in 1964 TWW took over that region (North and West Wales) and broadcast there too for the remaining period of its franchise.

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