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Edward "Ted" James Spear was an old man who Faye Windass knocked down on her way back from a New Year's Eve party on 1st January 2022. She and Emma Brooker had attended the event and stayed the night and Emma, still drunk, let learner driver Faye handle her father Tim Metcalfe's taxicab, even though she was still semi-drunk herself.

Ted, his leg in a cast, was making slow progress home after a spot of shopping when he dropped his bag of foodstuffs, with a packet of ginger nut biscuits rolling into the road between parked cars. Without looking, he stepped out between parked cars to retrieve the item and was promptly hit by the car.

Ted appeared to be unharmed and proved to be the most genial of old gentlemen, attaching blame to no one but himself for the accident. He refused the offer of a trip to hospital, claiming that once inside his fussing son Richard would never let him leave again but did ask for a lift home from the two girls. They bought him to his flat where they retrieved the key from the key safe with the code of 1952: Ted's age less ten years. Whilst he was telling Emma that he had hurt his leg falling over in St. Peter's Square, Manchester, Faye brewed a kettle for tea, but lost a false finger nail which promptly fell down the plughole.

The two girls stayed for a while, chatting about their respective lives, with Ted telling them about his son, who wanted to put him in a home, and his grandson Jon, who made frequent visits to see him. Interested in the girls' own lives, the old man made a very genial impression on the two youngsters.

Returning home, one of the first people they met when they got out of the car was solicitor Imran Habeeb who heard a self-admission from Emma that she still felt drunk and warned them of the consequences of an intoxicated driver supervising a learner that could have led to a serious charge if they had been in any sort of accident. Whilst admitting nothing, Emma felt guilty for her actions and Faye suggested they call back with a pack of replacement biscuits. They did so, letting themselves in and found that the old man had passed away in his chair. Assuming that he'd died of his injuries sustained in the crash, they went into full panic mode and instead of doing the sensible thing and informing the authorities, they decided to try and expunge any evidence of their presence in the flat but made three errors: Faye's fingernail was still down the sink; a postman called with a parcel and heard the presence of Emma in the flat; and, Ted's crutch that he had been using when they hit him was still in the back of the taxi and was found by Tim. The girls, awaiting imminent exposure, lived the next few weeks on shredded nerves.

The character was played by actor and stand-up comic Duggie Brown who in real life was the brother of Lynne Perrie (Ivy Brennan).