Edward "Ted" Farrell was the wartime sweetheart of Betty Turpin and the father of Gordon Clegg.

Ted and Betty were briefly in a relationship after World War II but lost contact when Ted boarded a train to Portsmouth but didn't return due to the death of an uncle and the offer of a job. Unaware that Betty had fallen pregnant with Gordon, who was born in 1950. Ted would go on to get married himself and have a daughter, and later granddaughters.

Betty was shocked when Ted turned up at the Rovers in June 1982 after returning to the area to visit his sister and read in the local newspaper that Betty had been attacked. After inviting Ted to her house, Betty told him that that she had married a man named Cyril and that she also had a son - Gordon. On her second meeting with Ted, she revealed that Gordon wasn't actually Cyril's son and that he was conceived after a brief relationship with another man. Betty decided not to disclose the truth to Ted.

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