The Taxi Driver was seen driving down Viaduct Street on 6th December 2010 and, driving past Coronation Street with The Joinery bar on his left, was caught up in a large gas explosion. The explosion rocked the tracks at the top of the viaduct and two tram carriages subsequently derailed and fell into the Street. The driver had three children.

The only 'appearance' of the driver was a brief camera shot showing the taxi driving past The Joinery, seconds before the explosion. In later episodes, it was revealed through passing conversations between firefighters that the driver had three children and had not survived.
Episode trails for the Coronation Street's 50th Anniversary week contained the tagline "Four Funerals and a Wedding", with the taxi driver apparently counting as one of the deaths. It was revealed that the death was a red herring by producer Phil Collinson and was a way to ensure that the fourth death would be a big secret to fans and keep them guessing. Though it was speculated in the press that Rita Sullivan was originally intended to die and the taxi driver inserted at the last minute to be killed in her place, Collinson denied this, and said that had the writers had only ever intended to kill off (at most) three named characters.
In December 2011 on the first anniversary of the tram crash, a memorial for victims Molly Dobbs and Ashley Peacock was held, however the Taxi driver was not mentioned at this time.
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