The Taxi Driver was in the vicinity of Mahoney's Bar when Brian Tilsley left to find a cab for him and Alison Oakley after a night of clubbing. Hearing Alison calling out for help, Brian returned to the alleyway, where three men had rounded on Alison and were assaulting her. Brian entered the fray in an a valiant attempt to defend Alison, but his opponents quickly gained the upper hand, with Darren Whateley reaching for a knife and stabbing Brian, after which the men ran off. As Brian slumped to the ground, the taxi driver appeared on the scene. Telling Alison to get an ambulance, the driver stayed with Brian, in what turned out to be his final moments of life.

Episode 2910 marked the third time Joel David had played a taxi driver in Coronation Street, and he would later play another in Episode 3627. It is possible that one or more of them were meant to be the same character.