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The Tatlock family was a Weatherfield based family for most of the 1900s.

Mary Tatlock and her husband Thomas Osbourne first moved into 1 Coronation Street in 1907 after her mother Louisa secured the home for them. By 1910 Mary had taken in her orphaned nephew Alfred Tatlock, but the family eventually moved to away from the street. Years later in 1919 Mary's other nephew Albert Tatlock moved into the residence with his wife Bessie. Alfred later moved back into No.1 with his wife Edna, but left in 1923 after Edna and their daughter Joyce's deaths.

Family tree

Alfred Tatlock
Louisa Tatlock
Emmeline Duckworth
William Tatlock
Mary Tatlock
Thomas Osbourne
Bessie Vickery
Albert Tatlock
Edna Ellis
Alfred Tatlock
Edith Brown
Norman Pearson
Beattie Tatlock
Joyce Tatlock
Valerie Tatlock
Ken Barlow
Mike Baldwin
Susan Barlow
Shelley Unwin
Lucy Richards
Jessica Midgeley
Peter Barlow
Leanne Battersby
Carla Connor
Jacqui Ainsworth
Sarah Platt
Adam Barlow
Simon Barlow
Stillborn son

Family history

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