Geordie lass Tara was a florist who delivered her wares in the form of flowering cacti to decorate Nick's Bistro when it re-opened after a refurbishment in February 2015. Andy Carver was working there under the guise of Gavin Rodwell, something that had started as a joke but became more serious when the real Gavin's dad, Michael Rodwell fell seriously ill with a heart condition and was genuinely under the impression that Andy was his long-lost son, who he hadn't seen since he was a small boy. Andy and his girlfriend, Steph Britton - the only other one to know his secret - felt it would be dangerous to tell Michael the truth in case it brought on a heart attack.

The problem was that Tara was an ex-girlfriend of Andy's and she easily recognised him for who he was. He was shocked to see her. He gabbled out an excuse that they were really busy getting ready for the opening and he offered to help her move her things out to her van to get rid of her quickly before anyone asked questions. She had hopes that their romance could be re-kindled but he answered, truthfully, that he was seeing someone else. She gave him a last kiss and paused in the doorway to tell him to call her if he changed his mind. However Leanne Tilsley heard the latter part of the conversation and asked Andy why Tara had called him by that name. He gave her a story that he had had a one-night stand with Tara and was lying about his name to give her the swerve. Leanne was unconvinced and suspected that Andy was seeing other women behind Steph's back. The two had to put on a show of a lover's tiff to throw Leanne off the real scent.

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