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Note: Almost all details below are taken from the "Granada" edition of TV Times which covered the programme's home region.


Issue dated Title Content
5th January to 11th January Ena's Brief Encounter: Part Two - "Six little words and then he was gone" The second part of the story written by Leslie Duxbury and illustrated by Jeff Cummings
19th January to 25th January Bert and Brian as you’ll never see them in the Street Peter Dudley and Christopher Quinten on a fashion shoot
9th February to 15th February Inside Television: Fear by phone Small feature on the Mavis Riley storyline which was inspired by real life situation faced by a member of the Granada staff the previous year.
1st March to 7th March Get starry eyed with a visit to the Rovers Preview of next week’s competition to win a visit to the set
8th March to 14th March Get starry eyed and win a trip to Coronation Street Readers have to match cut outs of eyes with faces of stars to win the competition
22nd March to 28th March The road to success for Annie Walker…and us Short article by Father Michael Hollings, presenter of the Lenten Meditation programme on how people who face problems like the characters in soaps do can turn to Jesus for help
31st May to 6th June Cover
TVT 1980.jpg
Same issue What I expect of Mr Right by Pat Phoenix To tie in with the programme’s 2000th episode, an interview with the star about Alan Browning and her search for happiness with men.
Same issue How you placed your top ten stars Violet Carson enters the hall of fame in the TV Times awards
7th June to 13th June The secret of Len Fairclough’s disappearing tattoo Feature about archivist Eric Rosser. The headline refers to Len bearing his chest and there not being a tattoo whereas one had been seen in 1973
5th July to 11th July Invitation Short preview on programme billing page for the Monday episode.
2nd August to 8th August The Jekyll and Hyde Anne Kirkbride Interview with the actress who states she is “almost totally devoid of ambition”. It covers her childhood and career in the Oldham theatre and her life now as a recognised star
9th August to 15th August Tracy’s tips for top toddlers Christabel Finch models children’s clothes
6th September to 12th September Inside Television: No title Jean Alexander only on her third set of curlers after “20 years” on the programme
11th October to 17th October Going up in the world…the real Coronation Streets Article on how real terraced houses in Salford are being done up by their owners after being given local authority grants - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
1st November to 7th November Inside Television: No title Photo of a stamp on a letter received from West Germany of author Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach who looks - thanks to a placed letter frank - like Ena. An accompanying short piece says that Violet Carson is “up and about after her recent illness so Ena should be returning to Coronation Street very soon”
8th November to 14th November Tracy and Teddy dress to match Christabel Finch models more clothes
6th December to 12th December Boo Boo, Sunny Boy and Whizz Bang have all made a name for themselves… Stars nickname: Julie Goodyear was “Legs” at school and Bernard Youens was “Bunny” in the army
Same issue 20 years on …and the Street’s as lively as ever Changes in society and people’s lives reflected over twenty years in the programme


Issue dated Title Content
10th January to 16th January A star is born Warren Jackson joins the cast and the article covers him, Christabel Finch and other young children working in television.
Same issue Into Camera, with Pat Phoenix The star bemoans the fact that while you can coffee at almost any eatery, tea is more difficult to come by
7th February to 13th February Inside Television: The Street hits the boulevard Christopher Quinten on his holiday in Hollywood
Same issue How Bert transformed his country retreat Peter Dudley’s country cottage in a “Pennine village”
14th March to 20th March Where Eddie Yeats wears his other hat Geoffrey Hughes’s farm on Lord Lilford’s estate in Northamptonshire
28th March to 3rd April The tip Stan lost his shirt on Article on this week’s storyline of the Ogdens losing their washing
Same issue Inside Television: No title Christopher Dormer has a reunion with William Roache on a trip from Canada where he emigrated to ten years ago after playing Peter Barlow as a child
11th April to 17th April Inside Television: The Street is all set to be pulled down Article on the proposed demolition of the Grape Street set and its rebuilding a short distance away
18th April to 24th April Helen Worth asks: “How will my garden grow” Advice to the actress on cultivating her dream garden
2nd May to 8th May Inside Television: For Street fans, a trip down memory lane Article on the repeats of old episodes during this week - the first time that Granada have relaxed their “strict” rule about repeating old episodes, for fear of confusing viewers with the continuing saga.
9th May to 15th May Inside Television: No title Short piece on Fred Gee and Eunice Nuttall’s wedding day
20th June to 26th June Love on the levee Patricia Phoenix and Anthony Booth visit New Orleans
27th June to 3rd July Rehearsals still give me cold feet says the girl who puts slippers in the fridge Interview with Amanda Barrie who says she hopes she’ll be asked back after completing her four episodes of Coronation Street as Alma Sedgewick
18th July to 24th July Helen Worth holds a barbecue - and saves money too! Promotion for money off food from TV Times illustrated by Helen Worth holding a BBQ for actor friends in London with boyfriend Michael Angelis
25th July to 31st July Inside Television: The other big wedding of the week Review of Ken Barlow and Deirdre Langton’s history before they become man and wife. The “other” in the title refers to the wedding of Prince Charles to the Lady Diana Spencer which took place on 29th July 1981
Same issue Wedding bells for Ken and Deirdre Preview on programme billing page for episode shown on 27th July
1st August to 7th August New man about the Fairclough house Feature on foster children as Len and Rita take in John Spencer
5th September to 11th September Inside Television: No title Seven years’ worth of Coronation Street episodes have been sold to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in what is believed to be biggest network sale ever. The programme has been shown on local stations in Canada since 1966
26th September to 2nd October Inside Television: The name game in the Street Christabel Finch doesn’t like being called Tracy when strangers call her by that name. The article ties into the storyline of Tracy Langton becoming Tracy Barlow
3rd October to 9th October ”Continuing…” Starting with this issue, the magazine starts printing “story so far” synopsis under the title of “Continuing…” with illustrations by David Ace. After six issues the feature is renamed “The stories so far…”. The article is missing for three issues from 26th June to 2nd July 1983 to 10th to 16th July and is dropped altogether from the issue of 4th to 10th September onwards in the same year.
Same issue Billings page for the episode shown on Wednesday 7th October Preview of the episode
10th October to 16th October Letters’ page A letter from Mr C Sivyer of Tunbridge Wells saying that to many millions Violet Carson is Coronation Street and the programme isn’t the same without her. Granada replied that actress is still recovering from pernicious anaemia but there will always be a welcome for her when she is ready to return.
24th October to 30th October The Street is coming down Another article on demolition of the set with and a guide to who lives where illustrated by Trevor Ashley
14th November to 20th November The stars look down on Gina Interview with Gina Maher (Debbie Nuttall)
5th December to 11th December Cover
TVT 1981.jpg
Same issue The Street where we have all lived A major feature on the 21st anniversary of the programme. The stars choose their most memorable moments from the series:
Same issue What’s in store for the Street Russell Grant’s forecast: Vague predictions but he says that a well-known female figure will announce she is leaving before 1982 is over.
Same issue Eric makes it easy Street Feature on Eric Rosser, the programme’s archivist


Issue dated Title Content
2nd January to 8th January Now Debbie does her other thing Interview with Debbie Arnold (Sylvie Hicks)
23rd January to 29th January TV’s just the ticket for the theatre Bill Kenwright on producing his own shows. His first great success was The Miracle Worker with Patricia Phoenix
Same issue Helen’s top 10 flower favourites Actress’s pick of flowers for gardens in 1982 linked to a money-off promotion for readers
27th February to 5th March How to put on a variety show More gardening tips with Helen Worth
20th March to 26th March For Jacqui, read Jackie Interview with Jacqueline Tong (Jackie Moffatt).
Same issue Right up Tom Price’s street Interview with the actor on his ambitions and his career to date.
17th April to 23rd April Julie calls time for a change Interview with Julie Goodyear by the writer Willis Hall. Covers her marriages and her recent court case for conspiring to defraud people with a competition for the Julie Goodyear trust fund – a cancer charity - in which she was found not guilty.
1st May to 7th May The Queen visits the Street Article on the new set which will be opened by the Queen on 5th May in a programme to be shown live on ITV - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
15th May to 21st May Thelma’s top tipple Thelma Barlow on her wine-making hobby
5th June to 11th June Cheers to the new-look Coronation Street Full page photo at start of billings section of Julie Goodyear raising a pint on the new outdoor set
Same issue New look to the Street scenes Article on the new set - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
12th June to 18th June Julie makes a big splash Feature on Julie Goodyear’s popularity and the return of Tracie Bennett to the programme
19th June to 25th June Avoiding work is a full-time job for Stan Ogden Article on the chequered history of Stan’s various jobs
Same issue Amanda - away from the chip butties Interview with Amanda Barrie
10th July to 16th July Brian’s back! Full page picture of Christopher Quinten as the character returns after a six-month break
Same issue How the tin man made his brass Christopher Quinten returns after being in pantomime and a touring production of The Wizard of Oz
24th July to 30th July Working like a Knutt Bobby Knutt (Ron Sykes) on the various parts he’s playing on TV at the moment as well as his cabaret work
31st July to 6th August A special tweet for Mavis Short interview with Thelma Barlow with reference to the storyline of Mavis’s budgie Harry
7th August to 13th August Why Alf has to use his loaf Interview with Bryan Mosley
14th August to 20th August CB slang and the language of love Veronica Doran interview in which she admits she hasn’t a clue what the CB phrases mean
28th August to 3rd September Quick work on the Italian job Johnny Briggs on his love of Italian food
25th September to 1st October Our Sharon as you’ve never seen her before Tracie Bennett interview together with a photospread of her in more glamorous fashion than usually seen on screen
9th October to 15th October About Television: Coronation roses Betty Driver has had a rose named after her and a new housing estate in Bradford has named a road Fairclough Close after the character of Len Fairclough
11th December to 17th December Haunting houses Stars’ homes which had tenuous links with the supernatural including Patricia Phoenix on her home, Derrygill, in Sale, Cheshire which she lived in from 1962 to 1970 and which she claims was haunted.
18th December to 24th December Cover
TVT 1982.jpg
Same issue Gee whizz! Where did you get that tiara? Gift suggestions for Christmas for Annie Walker from the Rovers staff: Fred Gee chooses a tiara, Betty Turpin a Walkman so that the sound of classical music could “drown out all us ordinary folk” and Bet Lynch chooses a three-piece mirror so “she could sit and see all her different faces being displayed at the same time.”


Issue dated Title Content
19th February to 25th February The duel life of shopkeeper Alf Bryan Mosley on his other acting role as a fight arranger in film and television
26th February to 4th March About Television: The Street to fame Ben Kingsley, hitting stardom for Ghandi, in Coronation Street in 1966
5th March to 11th March At last grumpy Fred gets his own pub Article on Fred Feast’s own pub, the Steam Engine Tavern in Manchester
12th March to 18th March Cover
1983 (1).jpg
Same issue Don’t blame me, Deirdre Ken and Deirdre pictured supposedly on their holiday in Malta (in reality, photos from past TV Times photoshoots) together with William Roache’s defence of his character.
9th April to 15th April About Television: Suzie Birchall goes dallying Short interview with Cheryl Murray
16th April to 22nd April About Television: Teaching about the Street The BFI has published Teaching Coronation Street for students doing a media studies course. It shows how characters are established, storylines devised and episodes written.
30th April to 6th May How Mavis can tame her wilderness In a link to the Channel 4 programme Gardener’s Calendar, advise for Thelma Barlow on establishing a garden in her new cottage in the Yorkshire Dales.
14th May to 20th May That was a year that was Article to mark thirty years since Coronation day and television stars reminisce about what they were doing: Patricia Phoenix remembers the year for her first marriage to Peter Marsh
Same issue Hilda’s way to bring home the bacon Jean Alexander on her taste in snack foods
21st May to 27th May About Television: It’s a gift Among other items, ITV has donated the first episode of Coronation Street to America’s Museum of Broadcasting
11th June to 17th June About Television: No title Some Coronation Street stars have returned from trip to Canada where the programme is more than a year behind the UK in the episodes it is showing. The series has been bought for another two years
25th June to 1st July Cover
1983 (2).jpg
Same issue Krypton course - it’s child’s play for super-fit Chris Christopher Quinten attempts the famous assault course from The Krypton Factor and manages a faster time than any previous contestant
Same issue Slim with your favourite Street stars Dietician Sally Ann Voak devises diets for six Coronation Street characters: Elsie Tanner, Alf Roberts, Fred Gee, Betty Turpin, Stan Ogden and Eddie Yeats
30th July to 5th August No title Roses named after stars including Betty Driver
Same issue About Television: Cor-phew Chris Preview of Christopher Quinten feature on his holiday in Corfu, though this feature never seems to have appeared subsequently in the magazine
6th August to 12th August About Television: Tatlock tributes Leslie Duxbury’s take on what the Street residents would write in Albert Tatlock’s 88th birthday card
13th August to 19th August Once a loser, always a loser…? On programme guide front page, a photograph and preview of the Bet and Des Foster storyline
3rd September to 9th September Who’s Who on TV - Part 1 A “cut-out-and-keep” A-Z guide in 5 parts. The first part features Jean Alexander, Thelma Barlow and Johnny Briggs
10th September to 16th September Who’s Who on TV - Part 2 Elizabeth Dawn, Eileen Derbyshire, Betty Driver, Fred Feast
17th September to 23rd September Who’s Who on TV - Part 3 Julie Goodyear, Jack Howarth, Geoffrey Hughes, Anne Kirkbride
24th September to 30th September Who’s Who on TV - Part 4 Bryan Mosley, Lynne Perrie, Patricia Phoenix, Christopher Quinten, William Roache
1st October to 7th October Bet’s men of the match As live football comes to ITV with Nottingham Forest v Tottenham Hotspur, Bet Lynch chooses her best-looking players from the two teams - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issue Who’s Who on TV - Part 5 Doris Speed, Bernard Youens
8th October to 14th October See, Hear!: 'T' for troublem A competition to win one of fifty Newton & Ridley T shirts. Betty Driver pictured in one (along with Fred Feast and Julie Goodyear) while in the storyline Betty Turpin refused to wear one.
19th November to 25th November Is there life after soap? To tie in with a showing of the film The Killing of Sister George, article on soap deaths including forthcoming Len Fairclough, Ida Barlow, Ernest Bishop, Renee Roberts and Valerie Barlow
3rd December to 9th December Three cheers A triple celebration in Coronation Street as the programme is twenty-three years old, Stan and Hilda celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary and the programme is sold to Zimbabwe
Same issue Gentlemen prefer blondes - or do they? Article on famous blonde stars, including Julie Goodyear
Same issue Forty years on: it was all in the tea leaves by Ken Roche, illustrated by John Berry A short story to tie in with the Ogdens fortieth wedding anniversary story
31st December to 6th January Breakfast viewers have the answers off Pat As Patricia Phoenix leaves Coronation Street, she joins TV-am as an agony aunt.


The magazine did not feature the programme on its cover during this year.

Issue dated Title Content
28th January to 3rd February Escape to the sun for Johnny and Christine The Briggs family pictured on holiday in Yugoslavia
4th February to 10th February Fun-packed holiday that’s right up Chris’s street Chris Quinten on holiday in Corfu. The article is linked to a promotional offer
11th February to 17th February His Le Vell best Short feature on Michael Le Vell who admits to knowing very little about how a car works
3rd March to 9th March The kitchen that William and Sara built In a centre pull-out about home improvement, the kitchen refitting that the Roaches carried out in their own home
31st March to 6th April The Rovers tops Egon Roney’s 'TV pub' guide The food critic compares the fare and ambience at the Woolpack, the Crossroads motel and the Rovers Return, which is the only one that gets his seal of approval - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
7th April to 13th April A rover returns Lori Wells returns to Coronation Street as Kath Goodwin, ten years after she appeared as Pauline Jarvis
28th April to 4th May He does ramble on, does Alf… Bryan Mosley and his wife Norma on their hobby of walking in the north of England.
5th May to 11th May Billy: the wild rover no more? Interview with Kenneth Farrington who reveals that he suggested the return of Billy to the show and Granada accepted but, with Fred Feast falling suddenly ill, told him he only had an hour to make up his mind that he was serious.
12th May to 18th May Lynne shapes up to a healthier life Lynne Perrie on her new healthier lifestyle after suffering her third heart attack the previous October.
19th May to 25th May Elsie’s lass in back at No 11 Interview with Anne Cunningham on her return to the programme.
16th June to 22nd June So you think you’ve got trouble with bills..? Article on the number of people named Bill or William in the programme including William Roache, William Tarmey, Bill Webster, Bill Waddington and Billy Walker. Also mentions guest actor Bill McGuirk who recently appeared and added to the problems when anyone says something like “Bill’s scene’s next”.
30th June to 6th July Hilda and Betty’s magic garden A visit to the gardens of Tatton Park by Jean Alexander and Betty Driver, both gardening addicts
14th July to 20th July How to survive your holiday drive In a special centre section magazine o cars, various television stars including Johnny Briggs give their tips on how to pack and survive a long car journey.
21st July to 27th July Putting the stars in the picture Ada Middleton, a 66-year old amateur painter from Moston, Manchester is pictured showing Jean Alexander a portrait she has executed of Stan and Hilda Ogden
28th July to 3rd August Bet’s earrings go south A trend for parties in the Home Counties to host Bet Lynch Earring Parties wearing the gaudiest pairs possible
11th August to 17th August Free and easy life of the Street’s new heart-throb Interview with Peter Armitage
18th August to 24th August Actors who are really cut out for the job Peter Baldwin on his hobby of collecting 19th-century toy theatres
25th August to 31st August Kevin’s Curly route from the graveyard to the dustbin Interview with Kevin Kennedy on his career before joining Coronation Street, including playing the part of the Gravedigger in Hamlet
1st September to 7th September See, hear! (Letters page) A letter from the widow of Bernard Youens thanking “all the wonderful people who have written to me about Bernard” following his recent death.
22nd September to 26th September For better…or worse? As Mavis Riley prepares to wed Derek Wilton, six previous Street weddings are featured including Joan Walker, Elsie Tanner in 1967, Ernest and Emily Bishop, Brian and Gail Tilsley, Ken and Deirdre Barlow and Eddie and Marion Yeats. Also, TV Times resident Agony Aunt Katie Boyle offers Mavis her own special brand of advice - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
29th September to 5th October Thelma’s thoughts on the shy lady with a will of iron Interview with Thelma Barlow in her career and her thoughts on the character she plays.
Same issue Mavis? More boyfriends than barmaid Bet! A list of the men in Mavis’s life including Jerry Booth, Pedro Diaz, Carlos, Derek Wilton, Maurice Dodds and Victor Pendlebury
Same issue The lovable ghosts who haunt the Street Article on and tribute to the well-loved Street stars who have passed on: Arthur Leslie, Violet Carson, Jack Howarth, Christine Hargreaves, Graham Haberfield, Peter Dudley and Bernard Youens
6th October to 12th October Helen’s ski lift Helen Worth on a skiing holiday with boyfriend Michael Angelis
Same issue The Soaps page: Peter seeks his River Plate pals ("The Soaps Page" is a regular feature from this issue onwards of gossip from and about serials) Peter Armitage wants to track down his friends from her days as a merchant seaman
Same issue The Soaps page: Cat-sitter Kevin’s deluxe digs Kevin Kennedy on having an escape from dreadful theatrical digs when a theatre executive asked him to look after his luxury Kensington house while he was away, provided he fed his cats
13th October to 19th October The Soaps page: Vikki’s secret is out Vikki Chambers who plays Sally Waterman is the daughter of Bara Chambers who plays the court stenographer in Crown Court
Same issue The Soaps page: Taxi driver Jack’s little bits of bother William Tarmey on his run-ins with the law when behind the wheel
20th October to 26th October The Soaps page: Going Dutch on the Street The programme is to shown again in the Netherlands for the first time since 1971 so Dutch actor Willen Ruis recorded a special sequence to bring viewers up to date
27th October to 2nd November The Soaps page: Cake to the memory of Stan A cake donated to the cast was given by Jean Alexander to the staff of Ward WM2 at Salford Royal Hospital where Bernard Youens spent four months before he died
3rd November to 9th November The Soaps page: Curly fizzles out Curly Watts on bonfire night
10th November to 16th November Love, barmaid Bet and a suspect haggis In-depth interview with Julie Goodyear by Scottish journalist W. Gordon Smith
Same issue The Soaps page: The Honourable mum of Gail Sue Nicholls’s correct name is the Hon. Susan Francis Harmar-Nicholls, younger daughter of Baron and Lady Harmar-Nicholls
Same issue The Soaps page: Hilda and Betty get the hang of it Jean Alexander and Betty Driver make crafted coat-hangers to sell for charity
17th November to 23rd November The Soaps page: Street-wise bird who won’t keep quiet Bill Waddington on a budgie that was taught to talk about Percy Sugden and an appreciation society set up about the character
24th November to 30th November The Soaps page: When Street sergeant was a hippie Jack Carr (Tony Cunliffe) on his days as a traveller at the age of 33
Same issue The Soaps page: Looking on the Brightside of things Geoffrey Hughes to star in a new Channel Four drama
1st December to 7th December Street-wise but still learning Article on the younger stars of the programme: Nigel Pivaro, Vikki Chambers, Kevin Kennedy, Lisa Lewis and Michael Le Vell - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issue The Soaps page: Service with a snarl The return of Gordon Lewis to the Rovers
8th December to 14th December How to get a better Rovers Return The image-makers at four of Britain’s biggest brewers give their opinion as to how they would change the look of the Rovers
Same issue The Soaps page: Punch and Judy Profile of Judy Gridley (Elaine Prior)
Same issue The Soaps page: Disgusting, obnoxious…but believable Letters viewers write about the programme’s characters, including some dislike for the Duckworths
15th December to 21st December The Soaps page: Lynne’s unexpected Christmas present Lynne Perrie’s Christmas memories


Issue dated Title Content
5th January to 11th January The Soaps page: Expert advice for Bill and Elaine Opinions from the Marriage Guidance Council on what Bill Webster needs to do to make his marriage to Elaine Prior work
Same issue The Soaps page: Going upside down in the world Nick Stringer (Frank Harvey) on his part in the film The Long Good Friday
19th January to 25th January The Soaps page: Artful lodger Feature on Finetime Fontayne (Henry Wakefield)
Same issue The Soaps page: Hang on a moment A plea for no more requests for quilted coathangers (see issue of 10th to 16th November 1984)
26th January to 1st February The Soaps page: Bet puts efficiency on tap Preview of Bet’s return from a pub management training course
Same issue The Soaps page: Seeing double Sue Jenkins appearing in two other television roles this week
2nd February to 8th February Look who’s wearing the trousers TV Times fashion writer Janet Impey dresses the factory girls in all-in-one flying suits of the sort suggested by character Christine Millward
Same issue The Soaps page: Pumps and Julie Julie Shipley, who plays Christine Millward, has a boyfriend who runs a pub in her home town of Leeds
9th February to 15th February The Soaps page: New family in the Street Introducing the Claytons, including profiles of the actors
16th February to 2nd February The Soaps page: Albert’s legacy: £200 of trouble The history of Albert’s sideboard, built to spec in the house by Albert’s friend Henry Hathaway, is up for sale this week in the programme
23rd February to 1st March The Soaps page: Winner and loser Mavis winning a "Brides and Beauty" competition
Same issue The Soaps page: Temporary truce in the Soaps war Actors from various rival soaps, including Kevin Kennedy, Finetime Fontayne, Julie Shipley, Michael Le Vell, William Tarmey, Lynne Perrie and Elizabeth Dawn from Coronation Street, got together to raise money for the Ethiopian famine appeal
Same issue The Soaps page: Split personality Jack Carr, playing a policeman in Coronation Street, is well known to viewers as a convicted criminal (Tom Merrick) in Emmerdale Farm
2nd March to 8th March The Soaps page:Ken’s practically imperfect William Roache on his DIY skills
9th March to 15th March The Soaps page: Good fortune? It’s all in the dregs Liz Warlock, a reader of tea-leaves like Hilda Ogden, on her art
16th March to 22nd March The Soaps page: Great expectations Warren Jackson was cast for the part of Nick Tilsley before he was born when friends of Christopher Quinten were expecting
23rd March to 29th March The Soaps page: Betty’s boy makes his fortune Bill Kenwright’s success as a theatre impresario
30th March to 5th April The Soaps page: How well do you know Coronation Street? A short quiz on the history of the programme to mark the pub quiz in this week’s episodes.
6th April to 12th April The Soaps page: Sue returns to the Street Short feature on Sue Nicholls as Audrey Potter returns to the programme
13th April to 19th April The Soaps page: Dirty deeds of Rita’s friendly policeman Jack Carr on his other parts where he often plays villains
20th April to 26th April Soaps: Now it’s golden – not poisoned - Ivy (Note: The Soaps page was given a slight change of title from this issue onwards) Ivy Tilsley acting as a peace-maker between her son and his wife rather than a trouble-causer
27th April to 3rd May Soaps: When Bet pulls the £6 pint Michael Beckham, producing a programme on the history of television, predicts that the programme will still be running in 2000 but the pints that Bet sells will cost £6 each, the chimneys will sport satellite dishes and in the Rovers there will be a bank of television sets and videos
Same issue Soaps: In top gear Susan Brown on her stay at a Naturopathic clinic at Newport Pagnell
11th May to 17th May Soaps: Cool, calm and constricted Small feature on Ron Davies (George Wardle), pictured on a recent vacation with a snake draped round his neck.
18th May to 24th May High-flyer comes down to earth Feature on Christopher Quinten’s life away from the studio
Same issue Soaps: Why Stephanie gives geese the bird Stephanie Tague (Michelle Robinson) on skills she’s had to learn for other parts including giving geese calls
1st June to 7th June Soaps: They’re just crazy about Kevin Michael Le Vell’s growing fanbase and his interest in football
8th June to 14th June Soaps: Case of the empty case Survey of Executives who carry briefcases - like Mike Baldwin in this week’s storyline - reveal that they rarely carry business documents inside them
15th June to 21st June Soaps: Coronation Street makes a name for herself An 83-year old lady from Exeter was born Miss Coronation Hole and in the 1940s married a Mr Edward Street and became Mrs Coronation Street
29th June to 5th July Soaps: Seaside romance David Ashton (Norris Birchall) on his holidays
6th July to 12th July Soaps: 2000 A watch-this-space odyssey Following on from the feature in the issue of 27th April to 3rd May viewers predictions for the year 2000 including drinks in the Rovers being served by computer, Hilda Ogden being bald through years of wearing curlers, nostalgia returning in the form of horse-drawn beer wagons going down the street, Bet’s earrings flashing at closing time and playing Goodnight Sweetheart, Hilda being retired in Scotland with her second husband and the following couplings having occurred - Alf and Rita, Ivy and George Wardle and Percy and Phyllis Pearce.
Same issue It’s a double for Vera and Mavis! Les Dennis and Dustin Gee of Russ Abbot’s Madhouse on how they started their famous impersonation of the two Street women
13th July to 19th July Soaps: No flys on Ron Ron Davies on a fly-whip he bought while on holiday and used in a panto
20th July to 26th July Soaps: Street gets a new beat New version of the theme tune released as “upbeat dance music with a reggae influence by "Izzy Royal", aka 35-year old film director John Watson
Same issue Soaps: Everlasting Rose Adele Rose has been confused with Esther Rose who has gone into print predicting the demise of the programme and says that if viewers hate some of the newer characters at the moment they will grow to like them in time.
27th July to 2nd August Cover
1985 - 27 July to 2 August.jpg
Same issue Kind heart wins Hilda a coronet Feature on Hilda Ogden and Jean Alexander as the character celebrates twenty-one years in the programme and the actress wins the Royal Television Society’s Best Performance Award.
Same issue Len’s time of trial Peter Adamson to appear on the afternoon programme Regrets speaking about his 1983 trial.
Same issue Soaps: The Rovers goes tea-total A café has opened in Blackpool named after the famous pub
3rd August to 9th August Soaps: Charity goes to Percy’s head Bill Waddington offers his flat caps to charities to auction
10th August to 16th August Soaps: Shake-up at the Rovers Feature on Nigel Gregory who plays Frank Mills
17th August to 23rd August Look at our kid! Nigel Pivaro on a fashion shoot with "helpful" and "honest" comments from his “father” Jack Duckworth
Same issue Soaps: Irish eyes aren’t smiling Irish viewers tempted by the far lower prices of beer than they pay normally as they see the amount quoted in the Rovers and the Woolpack in Coronation Street and Emmerdale Farm
Same issue Soaps: On the other side of the Street Meg Johnson (Edna Gee) and Kenneth Cope (Jed Stone) are joining The Practice as a married couple
24th August to 30th August Soaps: The man next door to the Tilsleys Profile of Ernie Ratcliffe and James Masters who plays him
31st August to 6th September It’s the black and white brothers show Article introducing The Brothers McGregor, interviews with Philip Whitchurch, Paul Barber and Jean Heywood. The link to Coronation Street is mentioned. The programme is also given a brief mention in a special centre-section on ITV’s autumn shows
7th September to 13th September Soaps: Blueprint for success Ken Moth has showing at an exhibition of architect’s designs for his work on the new Street set
14th September to 20th September TV World: Mum’s the word Small feature on Jean Heywood who did not begin acting until she was in her forties
21st September to 27th September Soaps: Ivy’s wedding poser Preview of wedding storyline between Ivy Tilsley and George Wardle and Lynne Perrie’s own marriage
28th September to 4th October Soaps: Instant replay Announcement of the release of The Jubilee Years although it gives the incorrect impression that it contains seven episodes instead of clips
26th October to 1st November Soaps: Hilda meets Hilda Jean Alexander comes face-to-face with a larger than life-sized caricature effigy of Hilda by Gerald Scarfe made for an exhibition to mark the programme’s twenty-fifth anniversary in London
2nd November to 8th November Soaps: Gym and tonic for barmaid Sue Sue Jenkins is super-fit after training to play the part of an Olympic athlete in a play
9th November to 15th November It’s our Hilda, blooming and in the pink A rose chosen by Jean Alexander has been named “our Hilda”
16th November to 2nd November Soaps: Paint in the neck Sue Nicholls on her dislike of decorating
23rd November to 29th November Soaps: No title Feature on Patricia Ford (Pauline Walsh)
30th November to 6th December Soaps: It seems like only yesterday The return to the programme of Wendy Jane Walker playing Susan Barlow
7th December to 13th December By the left, quick bake Bill Waddington visits the Army Catering Centre in Aldershot to make mince pies for Christmas
14th December to 20th December Soaps: Curly finds money in junk Unlike the character he plays, Kevin Kennedy has little interest or aptitude for antiques
21st December to 3rd January Silver anniversary for the Street Preview of the special documentary - Coronation Street - The First Twenty-Five Years - to celebrate the programme’s first quarter century
Same issue 30 years old and still going strong Granada’s forthcoming 30th anniversary year: a look back at some of their output includes Coronation Street


Issue dated Title Content
4th January to 10th January Phoenix rises from the ashes of Elsie Patricia Phoenix stars in a situation comedy, Constant Hot Water, and talks of leaving Coronation Street like being released from a long sentence, despite her gratitude for the part
Same issue Soaps: Alf’s weighty problem The contrast between the diets of Alf Roberts and Bryan Mosley
11th January to 17th January Soaps: Hats off the Percy’s winners Percy’s flat caps sent to competition winners
18th January to 24th January Mark’s happy return Mark Eden on being pleased to join the programme as Alan Bradley
25th January to 31st January Soaps: Friends and neighbours The cast of Albion Market present a cake to the cast of Coronation Street to celebrate the silver jubilee of the elder programme. The cake was passed onto the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
1st February to 7th February Cover
1986 (1).jpg
Same issue A decade of Baldwin’s birds Photo feature on Mike Baldwin’s love life as his relationship with Susan Baldwin gathers pace
8th February to 14th February Soaps: Carry on part that made Dougal a star Feature on Tom Mennard (Sam Tindall) and his own dog, Dougal, a Lhasa Apso, who features in the programme with him.
22nd February to 28th February Soaps: Reincoronation? A viewer writes in to mark on the resemblance they perceive between Mavis Riley and an illustration of novelist Jane Austen
Same issue Soaps: On the Sally side of the Street Article on recent newcomers Sally Ann Matthews and Sally Whittaker
Same issue Soap start come clean Article on the bathrooms of soap stars to tie in with a Channel Four programme entitled 26 Bathrooms. Bill Waddington’s is featured
1st March to 7th March Soaps: Jibes help Betty to lose weight Betty Driver loses two stones in weight after hearing that comedian Bernard Manning called her “porky”.
8th March to 14th March Soaps: Artistic hands that do dishes Sean Wilson on his side-line as an artist and his previous auditions for the parts of Kevin Webster and Terry Duckworth
15th March to 21st March Soaps: The chequered history of No 11 A history of the house’s residents as Alf and Audrey Roberts move in.
22nd March to 28th March Soaps: To beard or not to beard Christopher Quinten told to lose the beard he grew on a skiing holiday to Switzerland
Same issue Soaps: Cementing good relations Helen Worth took autographed bricks from the demolished Grape Street set to sell for charity on a visit to Canada.
29th March to 4th April Relatively speaking The Brothers McGregor returns and Philip Whitchurch and Paul Barber are profiled by their own real-life sisters.
Same issue Soaps: How Wendy Jane celebrated her real 21st Wendy Jane Walker’s own 21st birthday the previous year was celebrated with a trip to see Barnum and a family meal
5th April to 11th April Home is where Bill’s heart is William and Sara Roache interviewed as home. Pictured with them are daughter Verity and three-month old William, later known as actor James Roache.
5th April to 11th April Soaps: How Rosalind became Curly’s girl Article on Rosalind Bennett (Tina Wagstaffe)
12th April to 18th April Star cookery: Kevin Kennedy Recipes for two of the actor’s favourite meals
26th April to 2nd May Soaps: Street manoeuvres A squad of troops march down the street on their way to filming at another part of the Granada studios for the series Lost Empires
Same issue Soaps: Alf’s food for thought Recipe for barm cakes
3rd May to 9th May Soaps: Getting on their soap-boxes Wendy Jane Walker’s younger brother Alistair is working on Albion Market and the two frequently meet in the studios. They also worked together in the schools’ programme How We Used to Live
10th May to 16th May Cover
1986 (2).jpg
Same issue Well, which dress would you choose? Wendy Jane Walker chooses from four wedding dresses for Susan Barlow to wear
Same issue Soaps: Unions and reunions Feature on Michael Loney (Ian Latimer)
17th May to 23rd May Soaps: Aristocratic Alf Bryan Mosley’s Aunt Mary investigates her family tree
Same issue Win ‘Our Hilda’ for a rosy summer Competition for fifty people to win a rose bush named after the popular Street character
24th May to 30th May Vera takes a busman’s holiday As Vera Duckworth starts to take driving lessons, Elizabeth Dawn is given instruction on driving a bus
Same issue Soaps: Lynne’s back in winning form Lynne Perrie’s recuperation following heart surgery
31st May to 6th June Soaps: Vera takes to the road Advice for learner drivers from the British School of Motoring as Vera Duckworth takes lessons
7th June to 13th June Soaps: Steering Vera to success Profile of actor Stephen MacKenna who plays driving instructor Peter Baker
14th June to 20th June With love from paradise Postcards sent from Mike and Susan Baldwin’s honeymoon. In reality, Johnny Briggs and Wendy Jane Walker were flown to Barbados for the photoshoot - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issue Soaps: For the love of Mike! Christine Briggs was also on the Caribbean photoshoot with her husband in order that they could celebrate their real-life anniversary
21st June to 27th June Has time run out for the Rovers? After the fire at the Rovers, a feature on the history of the pub
Same issue Soaps: The low-down on the Street’s dive Tom Mennard on working in clubland
28th June to 4th July Soaps: Bet’s artistic past Resemblance between Bet Lynch and a figure in a try-out sketch by Manet of the Folies-Bergere that hangs in the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
5th July to 11th July Soaps: Roy makes it a bunch of five Article on Roy Barraclough’s previous parts in the programme - Tour Guide, Vacuum cleaner demonstrator (1967) I-spy Dwyer (1966), bed salesman (no year given) and Alec
12th July to 18th July Soaps: The Aussie link Wollongong has bought 277 episodes of Coronation Street while Perth has bought 200.
26th July to 1st August Soaps: Pearl wedding for Bryan Bryan Mosley has been married for thirty years
Same issue Soaps: Twenty years of bubbly Bet Julie Goodyear receives flowers and champagne from Granada to mark twenty years on Coronation Street
2nd August to 8th August Star cookery: Lynne Perrie Recipe for Lyyne's homemade bread which she uses to make her own special sandwiches
9th August to 15th August Star cookery: Bill Waddington Recipe for Sugden Slush (Trifle) and Brown Bread Ice-cream
Same issue Soaps: The Rovers returns Preview of the pub's re-opening next week
16th August to 22nd August Soaps: Soviet soaps An episode of Coronation Street receive fulsome praise in a recent showing at Moscow's House of Film in a recent event where forty hours of British TV were shown.
23rd August to 29th August Soaps: A roaring success Fire officers praise the realism of the recent Rovers fire
Same issue Soaps: Hilda's French phase Several viewers spotted Jean Alexander as Mme Braux in a recent Channel 4 repeat of a 1963 episode of the "Maupassant" series, Women and Money
30th August to 5th September Soaps: On the grapevine The stars tend Ermintrude - the grape ivy that Noel Dyson gave to the cast in 1961 and which, tradition has it, will mark the end of the show should it die.
Same issue Soaps: Tee-time for Ken William Roache has won a Celebrities Guild golf match
6th September to 12th September Soaps: Called to the bar Helene Palmer on running her own pub, the Nag's Head in Bridlington
20th September to 26th September Soaps: Percy wants a breather Bill Waddington on his cruise holidays
27th September to 3rd October Soaps: Sam's shell shocker Actor Sam Kelly, whose character Bob Challis decorated the Rovers two years ago, was saddened to see it go up in smoke
Same issue Soaps: Alf's got it right A shopfitting group's survey says the Corner Shop has got it right for its sense of service
4th October to 10th October Preview page: a hitch or two Kevin and Sally's wedding
Same issue Street love and marriage: Katie speaks out TV Times agony aunt Katie Boyle gives advice to two couples: Brian & Gail and Kevin & Sally
Same issue Soaps: Barmaid Gloria's happy event Sue Jenkins is leaving the programme temporarily to have a baby.
Same issue Soaps: Baldwin tees off Johnny Briggs in Portugal taking part in the Johnny Briggs Classic Golf Tournament for charity along with Lynne Perrie, Michael Le Vell and William Tarmey
Same issue Who's who of super soapsters: Part 1 Part one of a guide to who's who in Soaps (Characters and cast). This week: Betty Turpin/Betty Driver, Kevin Webster/Michael Le Vell, Susan Baldwin/Wendy Jane Walker, Mike Baldwin/Johnny Briggs, Deirdre Barlow/Anne Kirkbride, Gail Tilsley/Helen Worth Ivy Tilsley/Lynne Perrie and Gloria Todd/Sue Jenkins
11th October to 17th October Who's who of super soapsters: Part 2 Brian Tilsley/Christopher Quinten, Percy Sugden/Bill Waddington, Ken Barlow/William Roache, Emily Bishop/Eileen Derbsyhire, Sally Webster/Sally Whittaker
Same issue Soaps: Curse of the mother-in-law Clare Kelly on her mother-in-law parts including Edith Tatlock who was - in her own words, "a bitch"
Same issue Soaps: Arms for the man Johnny Briggs has applied for a family coat of arms
18th October to 24th October Who's who of super soapsters: Part 3 Mavis Riley/Thelma Barlow, Alf Roberts/Bryan Mosley, Audrey Roberts/Sue Nicholls, Hilda Ogden/Jean Alexander
25th October to 31st October Soaps: Total change of character The return of Peter Baldwin to Coronation Street after playing a barrister in Cardiff in Shaw's You Never Can Tell
Same issue Who's who of super soapsters: Part 4 Jack Duckworth/William Tarmey, Rita Fairclough/Barbara Knox, Bet Lynch/Julie Goodyear, Vera Duckworth/Elizabeth Dawn
1st November to 7th November The Pat Phoenix Story: Part 1 - the girl who wanted to be one in a million Part one of the recently-deceased star's life story covers her life before Coronation Street - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issue Nigel admits the love of his life Nigel Pivaro's love of cooking and the restaurant in his family together with Italian recipes
Same issue Soaps: Smooth….but slimy Mark Chatterton on playing Neville Hawthorne
Same issue Soaps: Alan tackles his own drug problem Alan Rothwell (in Brookside) on his attempts to give up smoking and a look part to his part as David Barlow
8th November to 14th November Street's Gina voices another talent Gina Maher (who played Debbie Nuttall) is to be a guest singer on 3-2-1
Same issue The Pat Phoenix story: Part 2 - All for the love of Elsie Pat Phoenix's years in Coronation Street which includes a list of Elsie's lovers
Same issue Soaps: Gypsy in the soul Roy Barraclough's twenty-five years in show business
15th November to 21st November The Pat Phoenix story: Part 3 - what might have been Pat Phoenix's final years and her last work, Hidden Talents - being shown on Saturday 15th November and her time with Tony Booth - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issue Soaps: Face of the famous fingers Robert Maxfield who plays Julian, the Rovers pianist
22nd November to 28th November Soaps: Percy goes pop for Christmas Bill Waddington releasing a charity single for Help the Aged: Don't Forget the Old Folk at Christmas
29th November to 5th December Super stocking fillers Christmas present ideas for the stars inc Kevin Kennedy
Same issue Soaps: The talk of the Street Northern sayings and their meanings


Issue dated Title Content
3rd January to 9th January Soaps: James the model viewer 14-year old Schoolboy James Yarnell who has built an 8 foot 6 inch model of the street
10th January to 16th January Soaps: Street lives Gabrielle Drake, now in Crossroads, in her previous Coronation Street appearance as Inga Olsen and Frazer Hines as Roger Wain
Same issue Soaps: Putting on a happy face Short interview with Jill Summers
17th January to 23rd January Soaps: At last, Mrs Bates shows who's boss Diana Davies, in Emmerdale, and her Coronation Street part as Norma Ford
Same issue Honour satisfied Following the article of 29th November to 5th December 1986 on northern sayings, a possible explanation of the phrase “Flaming Nora”
Same issue Shrinking after hours… June Stowe has a collection of hand-knitted dolls of Coronation Street characters made by Dolly Robertson and displayed outside a model of the Rovers made by Kevin Mulvany
24th January to 30th January Gridiron gives Chris a buzz Christopher Quinten is a fan of American Football
14th February to 20th February Highlights page: Wheeler Dealers The return of The Brothers McGregor
Same issue Soaps: Jack goes a-roving again Marji Campi on playing Dulcie Froggatt
28th February to 6th March Soaps: It's a love-hate relationship Behind the scenes on William Roache and Johnny Briggs planning their character's "feud" and Kevin Kennedy on getting his hair lank
7th March to 13th March Soaps: 'Street-wise' troupers Bill Waddington, Jill Summers, Len Marten and Tom Mennard who have clocked up 222 years in show business between them
21st March to 27th March Soaps: Baby love Bryan Mosley on his four grandchildren
Same issue Soaps: Smallprint - it's all news to Goldie Interview with Michael Goldie (Bob Statham)
28th March to 3rd April Soaps: The stars pitch in for charity Soap stars are making up football teams to play for charity including Christopher Quinten and Nigel Pivaro
4th April to 10th April Soaps: Soaps in focus A soaps exhibition is on display at the Camerawork Gallery in Bethnal Green which includes how people have had their lives defined by shows such as Coronation Street
Same issue Soaps: Up for the cup 7-a side teams from Coronation Street and other programmes are playing in aid of the NSPCC
18th April to 24th April Soaps: New man dances into Betty's life Interview with Ivor Roberts (George Daly)
25th April to 1st May Soaps: Forever blowing soap bubbles Sue Devaney's post-Coronation Street career
2nd May to 8th May Growing with health The third part of a series about keeping fit includes Christopher Quinten's gymnastics routine
Same issue Soaps: Double-take for Gail's baby Small feature on Leah and Lindsay (TV Times spelling) King
9th May to 15th May Highlights page: Council candidates Deirdre and Alf prepare for the election
16th May to 22nd May Cover (This cover was criticised in a letter in the issue of 20th to 26th June as a viewer - Ms Imogen Boate at the University of York - saw it advertised on television and it gave away the game that Alf had lost the election)
1987 16 to 22 May.jpg
Same issue Coronation Street gallery 1 Portraits of Helen Worth, Bryan Mosley, and Sue Nicholls
Same issue Soaps: The Rovers opens its doors Plans to develop the Granada backlot into a studio tours site
23rd May to 29th May Coronation Street gallery 2 Nigel Pivaro, Kevin Kennedy, Michael Le Vell and Sally Whittaker
30th May to 5th June Coronation Street gallery 3 Jean Alexander
Same issue Charity goal's a winner NSPCC match in which only Michael Le Vell could take part from Coronation Street because of work commitments
6th June to 12th June Soaps: making sense of gibberish Bryan Mosley and Tom Mennard on deliberately confusing people by talking about how to wallpaper a bike
20th June to 26th June Soaps: On the Street beat Jonathan Barlow (Jeff Singleton) on his drumming hobby and his band - "The Almost Legendary Walter and the Softies"
4th July to 10th July Soaps: Give your pushbike a pasting Following reader's requests, Bryan and Tom's guide on how to wallpaper your bike
Same issue Soaps: Honorary egghead Curly Watts has been made an honorary member of Mensa
11th July to 17th July Soaps: Gone…but not forgotten A recent charity evening in Manchester in memory of Patricia Phoenix
25th July to 31st July Soaps: Feet first for Lynne Lynne Perrie on her keep-fit regime
1st August to 7th August Soaps: Something borrowed… Sally Webster's wedding dress is to go on display as part of an exhibition at the Ulster Museum
8th August to 14th August Soaps: A new Ogden in the Street Feature on Vicky Ogden
15th August to 21st August Soaps: The Street is memory lane for Taylor Feature on Kenneth Alan Taylor (Cecil Newton) and his previous Street connections including his marriage to Judith Barker
22nd August to 28th August Soaps: Dog bites man William Roache on recently being bitten by his miniature dachshund Henry
29th August to 4th September Bryan's streets ahead Bryan Mosley has become a grandfather for the fifth time
5th September to 11th September Soaps: Roy's comedy genius Roy Barraclough's comedy roles including Cissie and Ada with Les Dawson
Same issue Soaps: Is Bet giving up on love? Feature on Bet's wedding to Alec
Same issue Soaps: Singing a song of Bill Bill Waddington on his previous singing career
19th September to 25th September Soap Talk: no title - this new column was smaller than its previous incarnation Eric Rosser writes the stories so far summaries which appear on the teletext service Oracle
3rd October to 9th October Unforgettables! Part 1 Guide to the TV stars "you love to remember" - Pat Phoenix is represented from Coronation Street
10th October to 16th October Unrolling Hilda's past Hilda Ogden's life history (illustrated by drawings by Len Thurston and photos from Jean Alexander's family album)
Same issue Soap talk Short feature on Sally Ann Matthews
Same issue Unforgettables! Part 2 Violet Carson
17th October to 23rd October Soap talk Anne Kirkbride celebrating 15 years on Coronation Street
31st October to 6th November Bet's life and loves Bet Gilroy's life history (illustrated by drawings by Len Thurston and photos from Julie Goodyear's family album)
Same issue Soap talk Sally Ann Matthew's O-level results
7th November to 13th November Deirdre's past imperfect This article was along the lines of the ones on Hilda Ogden and Bet Gilroy but without any Len Thurston illustrations
28th November to 4th December Jack's still the lad Another life history, this time on Jack Duckworth, but again without Len Thurston’s illustrations
5th December to 11th December Soap talk Sue Nicholls on being recognised from Rentaghost while on holiday
12th December to 18th December Celebrate with your favourite soap stars Lynne Perrie and Sue Jenkins on their favourite Christmas memories
Same issue Reeling back the year A look back at 1987 including Bet's wedding
19th December to 1st January 1988 Cover
1987 (2).jpg
Same issue A blooming good send-off Behind the scenes of the cover shoot for the magazine. The gift in the box that Jean Alexander was holding was, unbeknown to her, a real one: a solid silver rosebowl inscribed “To Jean Alexander from TV Times's 30 million Christmas readers 1987”
Same issue Fond farewell to Britain's favourite char Interview with Jean Alexander as she takes leave of the programme
Same issue Selling Hilda for charity Autographed picture of Hilda by amatuer artist Patricia Boome to be sold in aid of the Leukaemia Research Fun for auction


Issue dated Title Content
9th January to 15th January Soap talk Small feature on Franck Dubosc (Patrice Podevin)
13th February to 19th February Cover
1988 13 to 19 February.jpg
Same issue Agony and the ecstasy Behind the scenes of the cover shoot
Same issue Taking a second chance on love Two show business couples who remarried (Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Wood/Robert Wagner) like Brian and Gail
20th February to 26th February Sally splashes out in Rhodes Sally Whittaker on her holiday on the Greek island
27th February to 4th March Parade of winners Jean Alexander collects Best Actress in TV Times awards
19th March to 25th March Life after Hilda Interview with Jean Alexander on life after leaving Coronation Street
Same issue Highlights page: It's Curly sounding out the Watts Short profile of Kevin Kennedy
26th March to 1st April Step inside the world of TV Feature on the Granada Studios Tour
Same issue Watch 'n' win with Coronation Street Competition to win tickets for the Granada Studios Tour
30th April to 6th May A man's gotta do… Four TV stars do the Krypton Factor assault course including Christopher Quinten - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
28th May to 3rd June Your unforgettables Readers write in to nominate their own after the TV Times series of the previous year. Jack Howarth is nominated.
Same issue Telethon '88 Short mentions of Bill Waddington and the Weatherfield Warbler aka Elizabeth Dawn
4th June to 10th June Highlights page: Ive finds her prints (sic) charming Lynne Perrie remembers her real-life wedding
18th June to 24th June Cover
1988 18 to 24 June.jpg
Same issue The Johnny Briggs story - The early years: boyhood, birds and boozing The first part of Johnny Briggs' life story
25th June to 1st July The Johnny Briggs story - Getting there: Catterick, Carole and Coronation Street Part 2: his first marriage and his first major starring role in No Hiding Place
2nd July to 8th July The Johnny Briggs story - And now…stardom, scandal and settling down Part 3 - his second marriage and later years
9th July to 15th July No private life for Paul Short interview with Paul Barber as The Brothers McGregor returns
13th August to 19th August The Soaps Good Pub Guide Andrew Eliel of the Egon Ronay guide samples the Rovers, the Woolpack, the Swan (Brookside) and picks the Woolpack as his winner. The Rovers is praised for its dartboard, beer and Hotpot but criticises the wallpaper, fake stained glass and "unwelcoming atmosphere". He prefers "the look of the places when Ena Sharples and her cronies used to drink in the snug" The three pub's dishes are sampled and recipes printed including Betty's hot pot - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
10th September to 16th September Highlights page: Celebration Street Short piece on Sally Ann Matthews as she celebrates her 18th birthday
17th September to 23rd September Born-again Ivy Lynne Perrie on how HRT has helped her overcome depression and an addiction to medically-prescribed valium and sleeping pills
24th September to 30th September Thursday billings page A short preview of the morning programme Donahue in Manchester in which Phil Donahue, the American talk show host, meets the stars of Coronation Street as well as the comedy programme Cheers
Same issue The Betty Driver Story: Part 1 The first instalment covers Betty's difficult upbringing with her abusive mother and her difficult childhood, performing across the country from the age of six
1st October to 7th October Highlights page: Winning was right down their street 25 winners in a recent TV Times competition get a VIP preview trip on the Granada Studios Tour
Same issue The Betty Driver Story: Part 2 This instalment covers Betty's escape from her mother's domination, her marriage and her part in Pardon the Expression
8th October to 14th October The Betty Driver Story: Part 3 (On the Street where she lives) Betty's begins on Coronation Street and Arthur Leslie helps her get her confidence back. She speaks of her godson William (James) Roache and her This Is Your Life surprise
29th October to 4th November Cover
1988 (4).jpg
Same issue I'm just Julie back home' says the Street's Bet Gilroy Julie Goodyear interviewed on holiday in Cyprus
Same issue On the street where they live Tony Barrow goes on the Granada Studios Tour
5th November to 11th November Highlights page: Groomed for the role Preview of Mavis and Derek's second attempt to get married
12th November to 18th November When the soaps ain't so soft Article on the soaps tackling social issues including Sandra Stubbs’s domestic abuse and the writers research into the stories of Alf's heart attack and Sarah Louise Tilsley's premature birth
10th December to 16th December Congratulations, our Brian… Interview with Christopher Quinten as he marries Leeza Gibbons and a look back at Brian's women - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
Same issue Follow the stars to that special pressie Includes Thelma Barlow's choice of Christmmas present - author Sarah Gristwood's Recording Angels: the Secret World of Women's diaries
17th December to 1st January The Street at Christmas A look back to Coronation Street's first Christmas and a prediction about Christmas in 28 years time (includes Mike Baldwin, Alf, Jack, Vera and Betty still being alive, Curly having married Shirley and an Asian couple owning the corner shop
Same issue Highlights page: No title Sue Jenkins on a Wheel of Fortune soaps special
31st December to 6th January Cover
1988 (5).jpg
Same issue William Roache still walking on the sunny side of the Street Interview with the actor pictured with his family including three-year old James Roache.


Issue dated Title Content
14th January to 20th January TV Soap operas: you have your say Results of viewers survey: they want broad range of ages and regional accents, plain people and social issues only "touched on". Coronation Street's most popular character is Bet, followed by Rita while least popular is Percy followed by Ken - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
21st January to 27th January Highlights page: The Street tastes success Photo of the cast toasting the start of the omnibus editions. David Liddiment points out that a single episode of Coronation Street "attracts more viewers than any single episode of the other serials"
4th February to 10th February Highlights page: Leaping into the limelight Short feature on Dawn Acton
11th March to 17th March Highlights page: The litter bug William Roache's Labrador has given birth to nine puppies
25th March to 31st March Picking up the pieces with a little help from Derek Peter Baldwin interview on his role as Derek and coping after the loss of his wife Sarah Long two years before - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
6th May to 12th May Highlights page: No title Short feature on Frisky the cat who won an audition to star in the programme's forthcoming new title sequence
Same issue Me and my compost heap Three gardening stars, including Thelma Barlow, who make their own compost - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
20th May to 26th May Highlights page: Down memory lane William Roache reunited with Beryl Bainbridge 28 years after she appeared in Coronation Street as Ginnie in Episode 8 (4th January 1961)
3rd June to 9th June Highlights page: Jack and Vera - in harmony at last! William Tarmey and Elizabeth Dawn have released a record together - I'll Be With You Soon
17th June to 23rd June Cover
1989 (2).jpg
Same issue Life in the fast lane Michael Le Vell and Stuart Wolfenden try out the motor racing course at Brand's Hatch
26th August to 1st September Cover
1989 (1).jpg
Same issue I could so easily be Gail' says Helen Worth Interview with the actress on her career and personal life. She admits that when she joined the programme in 1974 she didn't dare go near the green room in fear of the other actors
21st October to 27th October Cover
1989 (3).jpg
Same issue What I've learned from Rita Fairclough Interview with the actress and the effect that the Alan Bradley storyline has had on her
28th October to 3rd November Nothing but the wholefood… Thelma Barlow on some of her favourite dishes - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
11th November to 17th November And now meet the man who showed Ena the Street… Interview with Mike Scott (Presenter of The Time…The Place…) on his past career at Granada including his early days on Coronation Street
Same issue Win a trip to the stars…that'll be right up your Street! Competition in which ten winners can win trip to Granada Studios Tour. Twenty third place winners win autographed copy of Jean Alexander's book, Hilda and Me.
Same issue The heart-felt joy of William Tarmey William Tarmey on his heart- health troubles
18th November to 24th November Highlights page: Win a wedding dress Competition to win Sally Webster’s wedding dress. A request is made for non-compulsory donation with competition entry to be made to the Salisbury Hospital Trust's scanner appeal on behalf of Tom Mennard who died recently.
Same issue The three men in my life Sue Nicholls interview. The three men refers to her father, Mark Eden and Bryan Mosley who also talk of their view of Sue - the cover of this issue mentions this feature
2nd December to 8th December The street that launched the stars Photo feature on the famous faces who have appeared in Coronation Street including Michael Ball, Dvay Jones, Peter Noone, Ben Kingsley, Alan Rothwell, Tony Anholt, Sue Johnston, Doreen Sloane, John McArdle, David Roper, Richard Beckinsale, Peter Childs, Martin Shaw, Stephanie Turner, David Daker, Michael Elphick, Mollie Sugden, William Moore, Joanna Lumley, Arthur Lowe
9th December to 15th December Look how you cared… Bill Waddington pictured with schoolchildren taking part in TV AM's Caring Christmas campaign for elderly people
23rd December to 5th January 1990 A tale of Christmas past Short story written by Adele Rose and illustrated by Brian Denington
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