The TV Salesman installed a new set in 9 Coronation Street in October 1961 at the request of Linda Cheveski. She was delighted with the "deluxe console" version and the salesman went to great lengths to make sure that it was placed in the correct position in relation to the sofa for best viewing.

As he was setting it up to work, Linda's mother Elsie Tanner came in and questioned Linda as to what was going on. When she found out that the set was on the HP, she warned Linda in no uncertain terms that Ivan would be furious and ordered the man to take it away. He couldn't oblige as the van driver who had helped bring the heavy set into the house had gone off on his tea break. The salesman was perturbed when Elsie warned Linda that Ivan wouldn't make the payments but Linda ordered him to continue his work.

The couple did subsequently row about the matter but the matter was resolved a few weeks later when the Cheveskis emigrated to Canada, thus cancelling the contract.

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