Sybil Featherstone was the owner of a missing budgie who put a notice regarding her pet in the window of The Kabin in 1990. The grim-faced woman dealt with Mavis Wilton, explaining to her that Boris had flown away when her son Wayne let him out of his cage with the window open.

A few days later, with no sign of Boris, Sybil paid a second visit to The Kabin to complain to Rita Fairclough that the notice wasn't visible enough. Rita agreed to reposition it to a place more to her liking.

Unbeknown to Sybil, Boris had touched down at 4 Coronation Street and been taken in by Mavis and Derek. Reminded of her late budgie Harriet, Mavis had named him Harry and convinced herself that he had fled a bad home as an excuse not to return him to his rightful owner. However, the guilt preyed on her mind and she eventually handed him over to Sybil's son Darren at their house. When Sybil found out about this, she immediately marched over to No.4 to give the Wiltons back their bird; ten minutes before Mavis got there, a "soft-looking fella" had returned Boris in a cardboard box. In fact, the man in question was Derek, who had bought a budgie and passed it off as Boris without Mavis's knowledge so that she could keep Harry with a clear conscience.

Despite her persistence at recovering Boris, Sybil appeared to have little affection for the bird, remarking to Mavis that she was only renting a space in The Kabin window for a week after which it was "bye bye Boris".

The character was credited as "Mrs Featherstone" in all of her appearances. Her first name was given in dialogue.

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