Suzanne Hall appeared in Coronation Street between 1989 and 1992 as Curly Watts’ love interest and fiancée Kimberley Taylor.

Suzanne was born in Australia in 1972 but emigrated to the UK as a child and was brought up in Chorley. Her ambitions were always to be an actress and she gained professional work at the age of twelve, completed a diploma in drama at fifteen and at the same age was taken on by a theatrical agent.

An early television role was in the childrens’ series Jossy’s Giants after which came her role in the Street. She remains best known now for her regular role as Suzanne Ashworth in Hollyoaks, a part that she began playing in 2005 but she has also appeared in Cold Feet, Emmerdale and The Cops. Away from acting roles, she is a teacher in media studies at Our Lady and St John Catholic Arts College in Blackburn. She has also directed the play Housemates for The Actors Studios.

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