Susie Price (formerly Barlow) is the daughter of Eva Price and the late Aidan Connor.

When Eva learned she was pregnant in January 2018, she planned on having an abortion, as she was separated from Aidan following his affair with Maria Connor and had no desire to raise a child. However, upon learning that Jacqui Ainsworth, the surrogate carrying a baby for Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby had lost the child, Eva agreed to hand over her baby to Toyah immediately after birth, keeping the deal a secret from everyone including Peter, with the intention of presenting it under the guise as the surrogate's baby. Shortly before the birth, Eva came to the realisation that she still had feelings for Aidan and wanted to try and raise a family with him. When she admitted the truth about her pregnancy to him, he rejected her, believing that the baby was not his and she was actually Adam Barlow's daughter. This lead to Eva resuming her deal with Toyah.

Eva gave birth on 30th April 2018 in a cottage in Lymm where she was staying to hide the pregnancy. Although she began to feel a connection to her new daughter, she handed her over to Toyah. The baby was named Susie after Peter's late sister Susan Barlow. Eva registered her daughter as "Susie Price" immediately after her birth although Toyah created a fake birth certificate saying that Jacqui was Susie's mother and Peter was her father as well as her name being "Susie Barlow" so Peter wouldnt suspect anything.

When Toyah returned home with Susie a few days later, Aidan's suspicions were raised about the baby's true parentage by Toyah's behaviour and told her that they were doing the right thing with baby Susie. Having been struggling for several months, Aidan committed suicide after finding Eva's location and visiting her one last time.

When Toyah finally revealed the truth, Peter was devastated as he looked at Susie as being his child so he decided to tell Aidan's sister Carla Connor that she had a niece. Carla then told her father Johnny and her sister Kate that Aidan had a daughter. Johnny, convinced that Aidan would not have taken his life if he had known the truth, decided to fight for custody. Not wanting Eva to flee the country with the baby, Eva's ex-boyfriend Adam, whome Aiden originally believed was the father of the baby, decided to make a fake DNA test to show Johnny that he was in fact Susie's biological father - not Aidan. Eva was against the idea and decided to make amends with Johnny. When Johnny went to see Adam about getting Underworld back from Alya Nazir's ownership, he discovered the DNA test which read that Adam Barlow was the biological father of Susie Price.

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