Susan Pleat on the 1972 arts programme Spectrum

Susan Pleat wrote 72 episodes of Coronation Street between May 1966 and February 1974 including an episode co-written with Leslie Duxbury in May 1967 and another with Brian Finch in July 1970. In addition, she was a storyliner on the programme for 288 episodes from October 1965 to August 1968, and from April to May 1970. After her time working for the Street, Susan went on to pen editions of many programmes including A Family at War, Thirty-Minute Theatre, Oranges & Lemons , Love Story, Pipkins, Rooms, Angels, Within These Walls, People Like Us, Ladykillers, Juliet Bravo and Brookside.

Episodes written by Susan Pleat


1966 (2 episodes)

1967 (6 episodes)

1968 (14 episodes)

1969 (13 episodes)


1970 (12 episodes)

1971 (8 episodes)

1972 (9 episodes)

1973 (9 episodes)

1974 (2 episodes)

Episodes storylined by Susan Pleat


1965 (22 episodes)

1966 (103 episodes)

1967 (103 episodes)

1968 (50 episodes)


1970 (10 episodes)

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