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Susan Oudot joined the Coronation Street script writing team in 2012 and to date has written 155 episodes, including five double episodes as a co-writer and four further double episodes as sole writer.

She began her career as a publisher in both the UK and Australia before moving into journalism working on The Sunday Magazine and Woman's Own. After writing some short stories, she was encouraged to write a full length book and so far four have been published - Real Women, All That I Am, Perfect and Virtual Love - the first three of which have been adapted for television. She has also written for Casualty, Down to Earth and Blue Murder.

Episodes written by Susan Oudot


2012 (9 episodes)

2013 (16 episodes)

2014 (18 episodes)

2015 (16 episodes)

2016 (18 episodes)

2017 (22 episodes)

2018 (16 episodes)

2019 (17 episodes)


2020 (13 episodes)

2021 (9 episodes)

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