Susan Meldrum was the former-wife of Michael Rodwell and mother of Gavin. When Gavin was three years old, Michael walked out on them leaving her to cope as a single parent. Over the years without Michael, Susan turned their son against his father and viewed him nothing more than a loser.

Following Gavin's death in March 2015, Michael's aunt Barbara Deakin turned up at 8 Coronation Street to break the news, but only fiancée Gail McIntyre was at home. She convinced a confused Barbara not to tell Michael as she didn't want to worsen his condition, and confirmed that she would attend the funeral in his place. In reality, Michael had been led to believe that Andy Carver was his son after he'd taken on Gavin's identity, and Gail felt forced to keep the truth from Michael fearing that the shock may kill him.

True to word, Gail attended the funeral service which was held the following week but her hopes of making a swift exit from the church were scuppered when she was intercepted by Barbara, who insisted that she also attended the wake to speak with Susan. After confessing that she was responsible for turning Gavin against his father, Susan expressed her wish to meet up with Michael in order to try and bury the hatchet, but Gail told her that the stress of meeting her would be too much for Michael's heart.

Susan sent a photo album to Michael in June 2015, which confirmed that Andy Carver was not his real son. He later went to visit Susan and discovered that Gavin had passed away. This revelation led to him to walking out on Gail.

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