The Surveyor carried out an inspection of 12 Victoria Court prior to a sale by Carla Connor and Nick Tilsley before their planned wedding and move from the area. Nick was still suffering the effects of a bad car crash the year before and had lashed out at Leanne Battersby in an untypical fit of anger as a result of injuries to his head. His consultant advised him to avoid stressful situations and the survey of the flat should have been just that.

Tracy Barlow passed the man as he was getting out of his car outside the flats and complimented him on his rendition of Honolulu Baby, putting in a request for something by Lunchmoney Lewis. However when she discovered that he was there to survey the flat of her hated nemesis Carla, whose departure she eagerly awaited, she encouraged him to get on with his work, telling him that she knew the present occupants of the premises very well and she was sure that he would find them in perfect working order.

Almost as soon as the man was through the door of the flat he began whistling and Nick started to react badly to it as well. He put up with the constant noise for as long as he could but eventually exploded and, yelling at the man to shut up, threw him out of the door.