Sue Stoker was a drugs counsellor who facilitated a session at Jamila House to help Kylie Platt wean herself off her addictions. At Kylie's request, all of the family were present but this proved to be a mistake as the dysfunctional members could easily have occupied an entire symposium on the subject of the pressures that had turned Kylie onto drugs in the first place. Gail Rodwell was late, having had an accident with her cleaning work at V Court Fitness when a pipe burst and she turned up looking rather the worse for wear. This led Sue to think it was Gail who was the addict, provoking a scandalised response from the lady herself but much mirth from Nick Tilsley and David Platt.

It wasn't long before the session descended into acrimony with the various members present happily pointing out the errors of the others, David commenting that Sue would need extra notepads to get all the information down on them. Sue, desperately trying to find some sort of common ground, got the people to say something positive about each other, though David found it hard to do so about Kylie, leading to her to make an impassioned plea for tolerance and forgiveness.

Sue felt that the session had gone well, although she had to point out to a cynical Nick that the longest journey began with a single step. She did obliquely confess to some doubts herself though when she suggested that future meetings should be on a one-to-one basis.

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