Stuart Pollock was the husband of Moira Pollock who posed online as Lenny Schnitzer, a vape cartridge seller.

In August 2017, Moira's work colleague Liz McDonald was scammed by Stuart's free vape cartridges scam. Liz noticed that her card was being declined while attempting to buy shoes online and told Rana Nazir that she had provided her bank details.

In an attempt to catch her scammer, Liz began to e-mail Lenny Schnitzer under the fake name "Patricia Fernandez" and agreed to go on a date with him at the Rovers. Liz decided to record their conversation in the hope of catching him saying something incriminating regarding his vape scheme.

When Liz admitted she hadn't forgot to bring money to buy any cartridges, Stuart told her that she hadn't wasted his time and that they would sort it out on their next date. Moira entered the Rovers which caused Stuart to rush out before she could recognise him.

Moira heard about Liz's date and told her that she had came to the Rovers to see who he was. She was shocked to discover that Liz's date was Stuart and that he was the man who had been behind the vape cartridge scam. Moira later told Liz that she had broken up from Stuart and that she had decided to move out, citing that there was no way she would stay under the same roof as him.

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