Stuart Fergus was an ex-schoolfriend of Todd Grimshaw's from Weatherfield Comprehensive who was in the year above and now attended Manchester University. The two bumped into each other in the Corner Shop and Stuart invited Todd to join him at the Weatherfield Arms that night where they were holding a karaoke evening. Todd accepted and said he would be bringing his girlfriend along.

The girlfriend was Sarah Platt and Stuart was embarrassed to see her, remembering her as the notorious twelve-year old who got pregnant and had a baby. Todd was planning to go to Oxford University if he got the right grades and Stuart regaled him with the stories of student nightlife that he would enjoy. Todd and Sarah's plan was that she would join him at weekends but she realised from Stuart's stories that this was nothing but a pipedream as their other lives would be so different. Todd convinced her that he could get a job as well as study in order that they could afford a bedsit of their own although neither of them had the courage to tell their mothers.

A few weeks later, Stuart joined Todd and Sarah for a drink in the Rovers where they told him of their plans. Unfortunately, Eileen Grimshaw was within hearing distance and erupted with anger at what she heard, thinking that Todd was throwing away his chances of a better life by saddling himself with a teenage mother. Sarah told Todd it would be best if they finished but he, upset at this, deliberately flunked his exams to avoid leaving Weatherfield.

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