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Stuart Draper was a nervous man who battled Billy Walker when Billy sold him a second-hand Alfa Romeo as new in 1974. Draper bought the £400 car for £1100 and found out it was an insurance write-off when he had it serviced. Feeling cheated, he tried to get in touch with Billy via Annie Walker at the Rovers. Billy had just returned home to Weatherfield after a few months in London and was using the money to buy the Canal Garage from Alan Howard so he couldn't pay Draper back - although he was dismissive of Draper anyway, insisting that the vehicle was roadworthy when the transaction took place and that if Draper wasn't satisfied with the car then it was nothing to do with him. Billy then threatened to break Draper's neck if he didn't stop breathing down his.

While clearly intimidated by Billy, Draper refused to let the matter lie and parked the car outside Billy's garage with a note attached warning customers that Billy was crooked. Ray Langton and Deirdre Hunt spotted the car and told Billy, who had it towed to the canal. When Draper nervously demanded that Billy return the car, Billy shrugged off the matter, leading a sympathetic Ray to offer to drive him to the canal to retrieve the vehicle. Following the argument, Len Fairclough commented to Billy that it wasn't a fair fight as Draper was shaking so hard he was nearly sick.

Draper's next move was more desperate; driving back to Coronation Street, he deliberately crashed it into the front of the Rovers, smashing the door. Draper wasn't hurt but he refused to move the car until the police made him. Billy then went for Draper, and the police had to separate them. Powerless to take matters further, Draper didn't take any further action against Billy.

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