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Stu Carpenter was a former homeless man who hailed originally from the north-east and who became a chef at Speed Daal in December 2021 and then lodged at 6 Coronation Street. He learned his skill in his youth in the navy but lost his last job within the profession at a pub during the COVID-19 pandemic and was estranged from his family.

He first became involved with the lives of the residents of the area when he inadvertently saved the vital piece of evidence which showed that Corey Brent was guilty of the murder of Seb Franklin in May 2021. Corey had kicked Seb to death in an attack fuelled partially by drink, but mostly hatred for his victim and his goth girlfriend Nina Lucas for being "different". He bundled his blood spattered clothes in a rucksack given to him and his fellow professional football players by his team, Weatherfield County FC, and dumped it in the River Irwell. Stu, on the streets and loitering in the same area, rescued the bag, keen to see if its contents could sustain his meagre lifestyle in any way.

A few weeks later, a hungry Stu attempted to shoplift from the corner shop, but was caught by Asha Alahan, Corey's ex-girlfriend and a key witness at his trial. Recognising the bag, she demanded to know where he got it, and after admitting he'd found it in the river he fled the scene. Asha and Nina's attempts to track him down led to him eventually handing over the evidence and Corey re-arrested and charged with Seb's murder once more following an earlier trial when he had been found not guilty.

Kelly Neelan had instead been convicted on the murder but with Corey's arrest she was freed on appeal. She found it impossible to reintegrate herself back to her old life and ended up on the streets where Stu looked after her. Once she found a home back at Coronation Street, a grateful Kelly became concerned about his health in the winter months and let him spend the nights in the Trim Up North barbers where she had just started working. He encountered Yasmeen Metcalfe, who had contributed heavily to a local soup kitchen, who offered Stu a job in Speed Daal, and asked him to cook a meal for her grandson Zeedan to persuade him he was up to it. On that occasion though, while Stu was in the bathroom, Zeedan allowed his brothers-in-law in to start a fire in the restaurant as part of an insurance scam imposed by his blackmailing and threatening father-in-law Hashim Elamin. Stu attempted to put the fire out, but was overcome by the smoke and left unconscious. He was rescued by Zeedan, but remained in critical condition in Weatherfield General.

For a time, Stu was the prime suspect for starting the fire, albeit accidently, though he swore he was innocent of the charge. When Hashim died suddenly of a heart attack, Zeedan was able to point the finger of blame at Hashim and Stu was exonerated. Yasmeen, who had strongly believed Stu was guilty, felt beholden to him for her mistrust and offered him a room at 6 Coronation Street but changed her mind suddenly when supposedly jovial comments he made reminded her of her former coercive controlling husband Geoff. She made it up to him by giving him trial shifts at Speed Daal when it reopened and as her trust grew back, repeated her offer to be her lodger. He moved into the house in January 2022 and was taken on full time at the restaurant, proving to be a vital support, both workwise and emotionally to Yasmeen when she became estranged from her grandchildren once she found out that Zeedan had been laundering Hashim's dirty money through her business. When Yasmeen increased his wages, he insisted on paying her the full rent for his room at No.6.

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