Storm was a celebrant who conducted the vow renewal for Jude and Angie Appleton in September 2018.

Jude's mother Mary Cole had insisted he surprise Angie with a vow renewal for their second anniversary. However, unbeknown to Mary, Jude and Angie's marriage had been on the rocks for months, and the day before the renewal, Angie had decided it was time to separate.

When Storm arrived at the ceremony preparations, she cheerfully greeted Mary, who apologised for a sudden change in venue from a cotton mill to the restaurant Speed Daal. Storm assured her that the ceremony clearly wasn't meant to be at the mill, although Mary took her words literally, insisting that it was supposed to be held there. Storm cryptically asked "Or was it?", but Mary still didn't understand her meaning. To get them away from the subject, Jude asked Storm to help herself to the buffet while they waited for Angie. Storm was delighted, as she hadn't eaten since breakfast the previous day. Jude then commented to Mary on what a character she was.

The renewal was ultimately a failure, as Jude lied to Angie upon her arrival that Mary had sprung it on him as well, but when Mary revealed that Jude had been closely involved in the planning, a furious Angie called the event off.

Credited as "Celebrant", Storm's name was given in dialogue.
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