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Stephen Reid (né Potter) is the son of Geoff Masters and Audrey Potter, and the older half-brother of Gail. Born in 1957, teenage Audrey was forced by her father to give up her first-born to Malcolm and Joyce Reid, a young childless couple who were neighbours of the Potter family in Richmond Road. The Reids emigrated to Canada in 1960.

In 1996, Stephen arrived in Weatherfield to get to know his biological mother better and meet his long lost-sister Gail. During his stay, his estranged nephew Nick Tilsley was sent by Gail to live with him as Nick's relationship with his mother became stained and Stephen offered him a job in Canada, which Nick accepted. However, Nick returned in 1997 and married Leanne Battersby in January 1998, but they were divorced by the following April and Nick returned to Canada.

By 2007, Stephen had relocated to Italy and returned to Weatherfield to visit Audrey and Gail for Christmas. He offered his other nephew David Platt a job within his business, which David accepted. However, because of David's relationship with Gail, Stephen offered his niece Sarah the job instead, so Stephen returned to Milan with Sarah and her daughter Bethany. He was unable to attend Gail's fifth wedding to Joe McIntyre.

Sarah returned to Weatherfield seven years later in order to collect fourteen-year-old Bethany - who'd decided to flee there as she was bored of life in Milan. Having remained there for a couple of weeks, Stephen contacted Sarah and asked her to email him an urgent report but instead she slept with Callum Logan and put work off by claiming that the Wi-Fi was down. Bethany, wanting to remain in Weatherfield, sent Stephen an email which confirmed that Sarah was lying and he sacked her on the spot. Gail attempted to plead for Sarah's case over the phone, but to no avail.

Callum went on to torment the Platts for weeks, but as he tried to attack Sarah who'd lured him to No.8 in an attempt to put an end to his extortion, her sister-in-law Kylie clubbed him with a wrench and unwittingly killed him. A panicked David and Kylie hid Callum's body in a manhole in the garage but plans to move the body were scuppered when Gail ordered the work on the garage conversion to continue and the area was concreted over. In order to keep Gail out of the house in the interim period, David persuaded her to go and visit Stephen in September 2015.

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