Stan Whitmore was an elderly man who met Sylvia Goodwin at the One o'clock Club. She brought him and some of the other members back to Roy's Rolls for a cup of tea where they met Dennis Tanner who knew Stan as a fellow lollipop man. Stan told Sylvia that he was ex-army, having served in the 5th Brigade of The Rifles, his late wife was in the WRVS and he had three sons who were then serving with the military in Afghanistan, though he agreed with Dennis that some of the roads where they conducted their crossing duties were like war zones - he just imagined his lollipop was an AK47!

Sylvia told Stan that she had arthritis in her wrist and he sympathised, having been in a car crash some time earlier and still suffering the effects. Having had no success with conventional remedies, he was now trying "alternative" ones and showed her his chocolate brownies which he invited her to partake of. Dennis guessed easily what the added extra ingredient was and wasn't surprised a few days later as Sylvia, munching another brownie, told him that her wrist was feeling so much better. He also watched on with amusement as she got high on the cannabis and then found great delight in the bubbles created by the washing-up. When she came down, she was horrified to discover what Stan had been feeding her.

When Stan next called into the cafe, she berated him for "pushing drugs" on her but though he was initially unfazed, he panicked slightly when she threatened him with the police. He calmed her down over a cup of tea and told her that some other members of the club also used the drug. He offered her a free sample and she overcame her temptation when he brought them in, offering a third supply if she came to the One o'clock Club on the following Monday. As Sylvia was rushed off her feet on the day, she was unable to attend and Stan brought the yet more brownies into the cafe. These caused problems though when Anna Windass unwittingly sold three of them to Rita Tanner. Sylvia and Dennis managed to retrieve them before a bite was taken out of any of them. When Dennis hurt his back, Stan was unable to supply him so Sylvia made her own, though when Rita and Roy Cropper found out, they put an end to the manufacture of any more.

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