1962: Ena receives an unexpected visitor

St Mark's Hospital was a hospital in Weatherfield where Ena Sharples was interred after she suffered a mild stroke in 1962. Ena was initially registered under the name Martha Longhurst as her friend mistakenly gave her own name to the staff, resulting in a policeman being sent round to Martha's daughter Lily Haddon's.

Ena had a slow recovery as she had hit her head as she fell, causing a concussion, and caught hypostatic pneumonia after spending the night lying on her floor at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall. At first, she couldn't recognise her visitors but after four days she regained her faculties. Her only regular visitors were Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst, who smuggled a bottle of milk stout into the ward for her only to discover that she had a locker full of them as the patients were allowed one a day on the NHS and the rest of the ward were teetotal. She was discharged after another week.

Ena's journey to St Mark's in Episode 134 was filmed on location outside Salford's Hope Hospital. All other scenes were recorded in studio. St Mark's seems to have been the closest hospital to Coronation Street in 1962 but did not make any other appearances in the programme.

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