Speed Daal is a Pakistani street food restaurant in Victoria Street owned by Zeedan Nazir and run by Sophie Webster. Zeedan's wife Rana suggested the name, which is a pun on the phrase "speed dial". The restaurant is in the basement of an old warehouse which also houses the Redbank Apartments, the Weatherfield Snooker Hall and the estate agents Ellis Cooke.

Hassan and Saira Habeeb invested in the restaurant so that their daughter Rana would remain with Zeedan for a year so that they kept their reputation. In April 2018, they stopped funding the restaurant when Rana's lesbian relationship with Kate Connor was publicly revealed. However Rana's brother, Imran Habeeb, decided to invest in the business instead and got the furniture at a cut price, meaning that the business could open the following day.

In May, Zeedan chose to leave Weatherfield for a fresh start in London in order to try and move on from Rana. Therefore, he appointed Sophie to manage the business. He sold the iconic Speed Daal van which Rana had bought for him to start the business as a food truck, for quick cash to go. In August, Imran needed to liquidate his stake in Speed Daal, due to his messy divorce to ex-wife Sabeen, and Zeedan's sister Alya sold her share of Underworld to invest in the business.

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