The Republic of South Africa (also referred to as South Africa, SA or RSA) is a state in southern Africa. It is a parliamentary democracy comprising nine provinces which is located at the southern tip of Africa, with a 2,798 kilometres (1,739 mi) coastline on the Atlantic and Indian oceans.To the north lie Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe; to the east are Mozambique and Swaziland; while Lesotho is an enclave surrounded by South African territory. The country is the 24th-most populous nation in the world, and the current President is Cyril Ramaphosa; who has served since 15 February 2018.

In Coronation StreetEdit

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Sometime in 2008, Cilla moved to South Africa and contacted her son Chesney Brown that she was now living there and reunited with his adoptive father Les Battersby-Brown (which was untrue, she was with a man named Lesedi Mushapamwe. Chesney, along with sister Fiz and friend Kirk Sutherland and discovered this was just a ruse to get them involved in a Sunshine family competition, but the family lost when it was discovered they were cheating. A resentful Chesney returned to the UK and Cilla remained in South Africa.

Some time later, Cilla left South Africa and returned to the United Kingdom herself and by 2014, was living in Wolverhampton.

Jude Appleton, the long-lost son of Mary Taylor revealed he was living in South Africa, and worked as a Marine Biologist, but as it was revealed in September 2018 that Jude was a compulsive liar, this information is unreliable.

Cassandra Plummer, the potential true mother of Tyrone Dobbs is buried in a cemetery in the city of Pietermaritzburg, having immigrated to South Africa sometime in the 1980s.

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