The unnamed Sonographer conducted a scan of a pregnant Carla Barlow in May 2014. Carla hadn't planned on the baby and only avoided a termination after much soul-searching. She very much needed the support of Peter Barlow but he was in the middle of a self-destructive affair with Tina McIntyre. On the day of the scan, his resolve against the booze faltered and he went into a bar, desperate for a drink. Waiting for him at Weatherfield General, Carla asked the sonographer if her appointment could be delayed but was told that hers was the last of the day. Refusing the chance of another day for the scan, she went ahead with it.

Carla started to get emotional when she saw the baby on the monitor for the first time and apologised for crying. The Sonographer told her not to worry as she had seen plenty of women - and men - do the same. She confirmed that the baby looked fine and printed out pictures for Carla to take away.

Eighteen months later she carried out a scan on Sarah Platt who had been knocked down when drunk by Tim Metcalfe and an examination showed, to her horror, that she was pregnant, the murdered gangster Callum Logan being the father. She told Sarah that despite it being eleven years since she had last had a scan, the technology hadn't moved on much and excitedly pointed out the foetus to her.

In August 2016 she conducted a scan on Leanne Battersby who'd discovered two months prior that she'd fallen pregnant after a one-night stand with Steve McDonald. Having cancelled plans to move to Liverpool after declaring her true feelings to former husband Nick Tilsley, Leanne arrived at the hospital with Nick, but initially went into the sonography room alone. As the procedure was just about to begin, the sonographer was interrupted by a knock at the door, with the news that Nick wanted to be present, despite not knowing the unborn baby's paternity. The sonographer then went onto show the couple the images of the foetus, confirming that everything was normal and healthy, and that the baby had a very strong heartbeat.

Four months later in December, she once again met with Steve McDonald whose wife Michelle Connor had arrived in the department for a twelve-week scan. The sonographer was able to establish that baby was healthy and told the proud parents that they were expecting a boy.

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