Sondip "Sonny" Dhillon was Michelle Connor's millionaire boyfriend from December 2006 until March 2007.

Sonny had relationship history with Sean Tully, in that they had previously been dating, with Sonny admitting to being bisexual. On the Street Cars lads' night out, Steve McDonald spotted Sean and Sonny kissing. Soon after Sonny proposed to Michelle. While she was in the Rovers Return Inn celebrating, a jealous Steve told her that Sonny was gay, however, she did not believe him. When Michelle's brother Liam heard Steve's allegation, he confronted him, with Steve sticking by what he saw. An unsure Liam questioned Sean at work with Sean claiming nothing was going on. The same day, Liam and his brother Paul confronted Sean a second time, forcing him to tell the truth. They then frogmarched Sean to the pub to tell Michelle the truth. Sean did so, with Michelle bursting into tears, shocked at what she was hearing. An oblivious Sonny arrived at Michelle's flat that night, ready to take her out. A crying Michelle told Sonny she knew about him and Sean, before giving him back her engagement ring. Sonny then left in shame.

When Michelle's son Ryan discovered the gay affair, he stole Sonny's car and took it for a joyride. The police found out but Sonny didn't press charges. Sonny later went to Sean but upon rejection, Sonny left.

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