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Neil "Slug" Ackroyd was the boyfriend of Becky Granger who arrived on Coronation Street in November 2006. He was a drug dealer and caused trouble between Becky and her friends, Roy and Hayley Cropper, when he suggested "borrowing" the Croppers' car and subsequently damaging it.

He returned to the Street in June 2009, apparently a reformed man with a job. Becky was proud of his apparent improvements. Becky's fiancé Steve McDonald was suspicious of their friendship, thinking Becky still had feelings for Slug. Slug was in fact working for corrupt policeman DC Hooch, who held a vendetta towards Becky and had attempted to have her sent down during the previous year. Slug was paid to plant drugs on Becky, which he decided not to do, but then later went along with it and planted drugs in the Rovers on Becky and Steve's wedding day.

Slug was spotted by barmaid Betty Williams. Steve and Lloyd Mullaney went on a mission to find him. Lloyd spotted Slug dealing drugs and brought him to Steve and Becky, where he confessed to planting the drugs. Slug stated that he did it because Hooch threatened to bang him up. Confronting Hooch, Slug threatened to expose Hooch's corruption in court, so the case against Becky was dropped. Slug left and hasn't been seen again.

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