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Sinead Kimberley Osbourne (née Tinker) is the late wife of Daniel Osbourne and mother of his son Bertie.

Turning up in Coronation Street in 2013, Sinead met her future fiancé Chesney Brown when they were set up by her auntie Beth. The four-year relationship came to an end when Sinead fell for Daniel Osbourne and finished with Chesney. Sinead then fell pregnant by Daniel but aborted the child so as not to hold Daniel back. When Daniel assaulted his father Ken and left him for dead, Sinead returned to Chesney. However, Chesney began to realise that he couldn't trust Sinead not to have another affair and dumped her on their wedding day.

Expecting another baby, Sinead and Daniel exchanged wedding vows in a Pagan ceremony in 2018. Sinead was then diagnosed with cervical cancer and was forced to choose between terminating her pregnancy or delaying her treatment, eventually choosing the latter. After being induced at six months, Sinead gave birth to a healthy boy and went on to marry Daniel properly once her cancer went into remission. Sadly, the cancer rapidly returned and Sinead became terminally ill, passing away in October 2019 with Daniel and Bertie by her side.

Sinead worked at Underworld alongside her auntie Beth, who was more of a mum to Sinead than her true mother Arlene Tinker. She left the factory in 2019 to launch her own business selling homemade beard oils, but passed away before being able to make a success of the venture. Prior to her cancer diagnosis, Sinead had suffered temporary paralysis following a minibus crash in 2015.


1994-2013: Childhood and upbringing

Born on 10th March 1994, Sinead was brought up by her single mother in Weatherfield, alongside her two older sisters Millie and Penny. The Tinker family were not well off, but Sinead tried to make a living for herself by working on a market stall - making and selling her own soap. However, the rest of her family were not as eager to earn a living as she was - and her grandmother eventually began living with the them in what she described as a "complete madhouse".

Throughout her childhood Sinead had always been close to her auntie Beth and, when things would get too crazy at home, she would often visit her.

2013-2017: Early years in Coronation Street

In April 2013, Beth decided that Sinead needed to let her hair down and think about herself for a change, and set her up with her boyfriend Kirk Sutherland's friend Chesney Brown, who was newly single following his split from Katy Armstrong. The pair agreed to go on a date at Nick's Bistro and they struck an immediate chord, despite mutual reservations; Chesney was still not over Katy and Sinead was concerned that Chesney already had a son, Joseph. After having a good time on their date, the atmosphere was ruined when Katy turned up and accused Chesney of trying to get back at her for her affair with Ryan Connor. Sinead decided that it was best not getting involved and left Chesney to patch things up with Katy.

Katy later moved in with Ryan and Chesney pretended that he didn't care and contacted Sinead to ask her if she was interested in a second date. Sinead said no, as by now it was obvious that he was using her. However, when Chesney promised not to mess her around again, Sinead gave him a second chance. Things got better from there and she later agreed to move in with him at 5 Coronation Street. In November, she became hired by Carla Connor as a machinist at Underworld.

2015: Sinead is left paralysed following the minibus crash caused by Steve McDonald

By January 2015, Sinead had become friends with the rest of the Underworld staff and was one of those invited to an awards ceremony by her boss, Carla, to witness her be honoured with an award. However, the minibus crashed and overturned when driver, Steve McDonald, was forced off the road by a couple of joyriders. Sinead had taken her seatbelt off prior to the crash, in order to obtain her mobile phone which had dropped under her seat, and as such suffered severe spinal injuries.

Admitted to Weatherfield General, Sinead began receiving physiotherapy in order to help her regain the use of her legs. Despite making friend with fellow patient Sam Hayden, Sinead couldn't stand being at the hospital and was able to convince Kirk to take her home prematurely. However, after suffering from a fall she was readmitted into hospital and was eventually discharged in April after making good progress with her physio.

The accident led to Sinead's confidence being knocked and she began to feel insecure about her body. In 2016, Aidan Connor, the new Underworld boss, began to take an interest in her and suggested that she look into modelling. However, the idea was met by criticism from Chesney, as he didn't like the idea of other people looking at his girlfriend. Following an argument in May 2016, Sinead drunkenly kissed Aidan but he stopped her before she could go any further. Aidan's girlfriend, Eva Price, was furious upon learning about Sinead's actions and informed Chesney. After several arguments, Chesney believed that they had patched things up, oblivious to the fact that Sinead had grown bored of her domestic life with him and was hoping for new opportunities.

2017-2018: End of the road with Chesney

In January 2017, Sinead was introduced to Daniel Osbourne, who was immediately attracted to her. The pair began flirting with each other and, although she found Daniel far more interesting than Chesney, Sinead prevented herself from doing anything with Daniel out of loyalty. However, she was eventually unable to resist Daniel's advances and the pair has sex in Underworld's storeroom.

2017: Sinead and Daniel finally embrace their feelings towards each other

Daniel's nephew Adam Barlow discovered the pair's liaison and wasted no time informing Chesney, who confronted the pair individually and kicked Sinead out of No.5. Daniel asked Sinead to move in with him at the corner shop flat and she agreed.

A month later, Sinead found out that she was pregnant, and knew that Daniel was the father as she hadn't had sex with Chesney within the time-frame. Daniel's father Ken Barlow convinced Sinead to have a termination as he feared that Daniel would be held back from greater things, like attending university, if he was tied down with a child. Sinead had an abortion without telling Daniel about the pregnancy, and when the truth was revealed he violently attacked Ken, hitting him over the head and leaving him for dead at the bottom of the staircase at 1 Coronation Street.

Daniel desperately hid his guilt and a number of suspects were questioned over Ken's attack, including Sinead, who the police believed had a motive due to Ken forcing her to get rid of her baby. Ken tried hard to remember who attacked him and later realised that it had been Daniel, but decided to keep the truth secret from the police after finding out that Daniel had been abandoned from the age of fifteen by his mother, Denise Osbourne, coupled with his guilt over not being there when his son needed him. However, Sinead was not so forgiving and reconciled with Chesney, putting her deep feelings for Daniel to the back of her mind.

Sinead and Chesney's renewed relationship was never a loving one. Chesney was terrified of losing her again, and tried to put Daniel out of the picture by pretending to have food poisoning from a meal Daniel prepared and later hitting himself over the head with a brick, pretending that Daniel had hit him.

2018: Chesney has doubts about marrying Sinead and calls time on their relationship at the last second

In October 2017, Katy passed away following a car crash in Portugal and Chesney gained custody of Joseph. For the first couple of weeks after Joseph's return the boy refused to talk and later, in order to help Joseph get through the trauma of losing his mother, Sinead agreed to marry Chesney so that the three of the could become a close family unit. However, Chesney later had second thoughts about marrying Sinead as he feared the emotional damage losing two mothers would do to Joseph should Sinead not remain faithful. As a result of his doubts, Chesney stood Sinead up at the altar in January 2018 revealing that he couldn't go through with their marriage.

2018-2019: Marriage, motherhood and diagnosis

Following her split from Chesney, Sinead moved into the salon flat and ultimately reignited her relationship with Daniel. In June, Daniel proposed to Sinead, and two months later Sinead announced that she was pregnant. While Daniel celebrated the baby news and looked forward to the twelve week scan, Sinead was left fearing for the baby's life after she began suffering heavy blood-flow. Despite being told that the baby was completely fine at the scan, Sinead sought out private attention behind Daniel's back to reveal her problems and was later told that she would need to go for a biopsy as there was a chance she had cervical cancer.

In October, Daniel surprised Sinead with a spontaneous Pagan wedding ceremony in Victoria Gardens. They were married on the same day that Sinead had her biopsy test, which came back positive for cancer. To give her baby a fighting chance, Sinead decided not to undergo treatement or even tell Daniel. A week later, she was forced to confide in her father-in-law, Ken, after he saw her at the hospital. Sinead begged Ken to help keep her diagnosis a secret as she didn't want Daniel to be made to choose between her life and that of their unborn baby's. However, her secret was revealed anyway when she collapsed in the Rovers Return and was rushed to hospital.

Sinead succumbed to family pressure to begin chemo but privately she skipped her treatment sessions, encouraged by her friend Steff Mulvenney, a breast cancer sufferer who had herself given up on chemo in favour of alternative therapies. Feeling guilty, Sinead confided in Billy Mayhew, who was compelled to tell Daniel everything. Despite originally being furious with both Sinead and his father, Daniel agreed to stick by her decision to delay her treatment. Later, in December, Sinead discovered that Beth had came up with a scam - assisted by Kirk and Chesney - to rob from Dev Alahan to pay for a consultation in Germany with a facility which provided an experimental drug that could help cure her cancer. Sinead, caught up in everyone's argument, collapsed and Daniel blamed the trio for causing her excess stress.

January 2019: Sinead goes into early labour after being induced and gives birth to her baby son Bertie

In January 2019, Sinead was informed that her cancer had spread and that she would need to be induced immediately - at only six months - in order to start more aggressive chemotherapy. Sinead successfully gave birth to her son, who was placed into an incubator due to being premature, but suffered from complications and was rushed into surgery. Sinead was able to recover but left confined to her hospital bed for a couple of days and yearned to be with her newborn son. In order to combat the obstacles in place Daniel began taking part in regular video calls between Sinead and the baby.

When Ken went to visit the baby Daniel was annoyed, as he didn't believe that anyone else should get to meet the baby before Sinead, but Sinead insisted that it was fine for Ken to see his grandchild. After bonding with his father over the baby and deciding to put their troubles behind them, Daniel suggested to Sinead that they name their child "Albert" ("Bertie" for short) after his middle name and Ken's first wife Valerie's uncle Albert Tatlock.

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Sinead only turned to drink in order to cope with struggles in her life

Upon her arrival on the cobbles it was made abundantly clear that Sinead wasn't like other girls her age. Usually going make-up free - to avoid plastering herself up like a "clown" - and wearing drab colours, Sinead was described as "quirky" and "a bit ditsy". Differing from her Auntie Beth and the rest of her family, who were often loud and judgemental, Sinead was an eternal optimist and kind to a fault - always willing to see the best in other people. An example of Sinead's kind and forgiving nature occurred in January 2015 when she held no ill-will towards Steve McDonald, the driver of the minibus that he inadvertently caused crash while trying to race another car - leaving her paralysed.

Concerned that others would find her boring, Sinead once sheepishly confessed to Chesney Brown - on their first date at the Bistro - that she wasn't a fan of alcohol as she couldn't stand the taste. Over the years she was only ever known to drink heavily during times of great conflict in her life such as; when she began doubting her relationship with Chesney in May 2016 and December 2016 (the former time saw her drunkenly kiss Aidan Connor - as she was unable to handle her drink), and when she drunkenly attempted to confront Ken Barlow in March 2017 after he inadvertently pushed her to have an abortion.

Never the most intelligent, she did run her own business prior to 2013 - making her own homemade soap, and selling it on a market stall, a trade that she would later return to in 2019 by offering her service to barbers Trim Up North to provide them with homemade beard oils after their current stock caused customer Sean Tully to suffer a skin irritation.


Beth Sutherland

2019: Sinead realises her cancer has returned, on her wedding day, after Beth locates a lump on her neck

Auntie Beth had always been Sinead's closest confidante while she was growing up, so much so that Sinead considered her a second mother and would often visit her for advice and guidance, especially whenever her home life became too hectic. On one such occasion in April 2013, Sinead turned up in Coronation Street where Beth planned to set her up with Chesney Brown. However, when it became apparent that Chesney was messing Sinead around in order to make his ex Katy Armstrong jealous, Beth was the first person to confront him about his actions and urged him to put Sinead straight.

In January 2015, Sinead took on the role of a bridesmaid at Beth and Kirk Sutherland's wedding, alongside Tracy Barlow and Maria Connor, and comforted Beth when it seemed that Kirk had got cold feet about going through with the ceremony. Beth supported Sinead throughout her paralysis ordeal and, when she had recovered Beth pushed her to go through with a modelling offer that Underworld boss Aidan Connor presented her.

In February 2017, Beth took Sinead's side upon learning that she had begun an affair with Daniel Osbourne and the following month she turned up at the clinic to meet Sinead when she phoned her after going through with an abortion. When Ken Barlow was hit over the head and pushed down the stairs by an unknown assailant (who turned out to be Daniel himself), Beth advised Sinead to keep the fact that Ken had influenced her decision to have the abortion a secret so that she wasn't considered a suspect in the police investigations.

Despite their extremely close bond, Sinead was unable to confide in Beth upon being diagnosed with cervical cancer in October 2018. When the truth did come out, Beth recruited Kirk and Chesney to stage a robbery of Prima Doner in order to pay for a consultation in Germany with a facility which provided an experimental drug that could help cure her cancer. However, Sinead condemned the plot and informed Dev Alahan about the plan to steal from his business.

In March 2019, Sinead asked Beth to be godmother to her son Bertie Osbourne. Later, in September Beth helped plan Sinead's surprise wedding at the Viaduct Bistro. While she prepared Sinead's hair, Beth located a lump and Sinead was horrified to realised that the cancer she thought she'd beaten had returned. While Sinead wanted nothing to interupt her wedding day, Beth pressured her into letting Daniel know, and the pair visited the hospital in the morning where Sinead was told that her cancer was terminal and she had just months to live. Hoping to get her affairs in order before the end, Sinead tasked Beth with ensuring that she looked beautiful in the coffin, and insisted that she wanted to go to the grave bare footed.

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Chesney Brown

Chesney Brown was Sinead's boyfriend for four years between 2013 and 2017. The pair met at Roy's Rolls after Chesney's break-up with Katy Armstrong. Their relationship went well for a while but Chesney reunited with Katy and left Sinead behind. However their relationship did not last long, and Sinead got back with Chesney.

After the minibus crash in 2015 Chesney helped her get through the ordeal by being at her side and helping her recuperate. After Gemma Winter began working with Chesney at Prima Doner in 2016, Sinead grew jealous of their friendship. In July, Sinead overheard Macca and Clayton Hibbs bragging about the free food they'd received from Gemma and Sinead revealed what she had heard to Chesney. While Chesney believed Gemma's claims that, despite letting the men go without paying, she'd paid for their food herself, Sinead insisted that Chesney check the till to ensure her story was true. When Chesney later confirmed that the money in the till was accounted for he forced Sinead to apologise to Gemma.

In 2017, Sinead left Chesney for Daniel, but later reconciled with him after leaving Daniel. When Katy was killed in a car crash in Portugal, Chesney, despite orders from doctors not to fly due a stressful collapse at work, leaped from his hospital bed to go and see his son Joseph. Just before he drove off, Sinead proposed to him but he left without saying anything. Later on during a phone call, he accepted Sinead's proposal, but at the wedding, he broke it off with Sinead.

When Chesney returned home from Portugal with Joseph, Sinead tried her best to make him feel welcome. However, Joseph began to act out and cause trouble but eventually settled into his new life. On their wedding day in January 2018, Chesney terminated his relationship with Sinead at the alter as he didn't trust Sinead not to walk out on him again and feared what losing a second mother would do to Joseph's mental health.

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Daniel Osbourne

2018: Daniel proposes to Sinead upon being prompted to by Flora McArdle

By late 2016, Sinead realised that she had grown bored of her domestic life with Chesney after she was forced to decline a modelling job due to his insecurities. When Daniel Osbourne moved to the street following his father's stroke in October, she was immediately attracted to him but attempted to suppress her feelings out of loyalty to Chesney. However, Daniel began to pursue Sinead and the pair realised that they shared a lot in common, especially when Daniel bought her a Venus flytrap (which was later accidentally killed by Chesney and Gemma Winter). In February 2017, Sinead gave in to her feelings and had sex with Daniel in the Underworld storeroom, taking his virginity in the process.

When Daniel's nephew Adam Barlow told Chesney about her infidelity, Sinead had an excuse to dump Chesney and move in with Daniel. Not long after, Sinead discovered that she was pregnant and Daniel's father Ken challenged her, comparing her to his late wife Deirdre Barlow and accusing her of holding Daniel back from his true potential of going to Oxford University. Following the confrontation Sinead decided to have an abortion which led to Daniel angrily breaking up with her. When Daniel discovered that his own father had influenced her decision he angrily pushed Ken down the stairs at No.1, hitting him over the head with a book. The bloody book was uncovered by Sinead two months later, and Sinead was so disgusted by what Daniel had done that she broke up with him and returned to Chesney.

After several months in denial about their true feelings, the pair reunited the following year. Their reunion was initially bolstered by Flora McArdle, an elderly woman who was living with Daniel while he helped her get justice for her murdered son Harvey. Flora was initially wary of Sinead, but following a heart-to-heart Flora warmed to her and encouraged Daniel to propose. Later, during a 1950s themed party for Flora, Daniel got down on one knee and Sinead graciously accepted his marriage proposal.

After being diagnosed with cervical cancer, Sinead delayed chemotherapy in order to save her baby while keeping Daniel in the dark, knowing that he would disapprove of her actions. Once he found out, Daniel reacted as Sinead expected but did ultimately respect her wishes. Fortunately, Sinead gave birth to a healthy boy in 2019 and underwent successful treatment afterwards.

Before long, tensions began to rise again when Daniel started to chastise Sinead for spending too much time on her new business venture, producing her homemade brand of beard oil, and he began confiding in his colleague Bethany Platt and his maritial problems. In September 2019, Daniel came close to cheating on Sinead following an argument and contemplated kissing Bethany. Fortunately, he was able to stop himself, but Sinead noticed the pair sharing a look and questioned Bethany. Sinead was devastated to learn that Daniel had later kissed Bethany after an argument, but she was convinced to forgive him due to her limited time left. Sinead later recorded a video for Daniel telling him that she was okay with him pursuing Bethany after her death. Although Daniel and Bethany eventually formed a relationship, Daniel's grieving for Sinead put too much strain on the relationship, leading to them breaking up and Bethany leaving for London.

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Ken Barlow

2017: Ken gives Sinead a harsh talk and advises her to leave Daniel

Sinead's relationship with her father-in-law was never a straight-forward one right from the start. Ken likened Sinead to his late wife Deirdre Barlow, who hadn't aspired to be more than a shop worker during her lifetime, and he believed Sinead wasn't good enough for Daniel. After discovering Sinead's pregnancy in March 2017, Ken chastised her for being careless. He warned that Daniel would grow to despise her as she'd hold him back from opportunities, such as a place at Oxford University.

Upon hearing Ken's harsh words, Sinead terminated her pregnancy, and later blamed Ken for forcing her to make the decision. When Ken was pushed down the stairs at the end of March, Sinead became one of the many suspects interviewed by the police after she was spotted angrily pounding on Ken's door while heavily intoxicated. After Ken's attacker was revealed to be Daniel, who blamed his father for Sinead's termination, Ken apologised to her and she accepted.

In October 2018, Ken discovered that Sinead was pregnant again, and this time he had completely changed his stance and congratulated the couple. However, later that month he discovered that Sinead had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and would have to terminate her pregnancy to go through with immediate treatment. Ken, who didn't want to let his son down again, warned Sinead that if she didn't tell Daniel he would have to. Although, Sinead guilt tripped Ken, blaming him for her last termination, and he agreed to respect her decision and keep Daniel in the dark.

Hobbies and interests

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Background information

Character creation and role

2015: New publicity shot of Katie McGlynn as Sinead Tinker

Sinead first appeared in Episode 8107 in April 2013. Katie McGlynn's casting was announced on 22nd February 2013, where it was revealed that she would be introduced as the niece of established character Beth Tinker (Lisa George). The official Coronation Street website suggested that Sinead would catch the eye of local resident Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) with the comment "Will new girl Sinead be [Chesney's] light at the end of the tunnel?".

McGlynn was born in Rochdale and studied at Rochdale's Wardle High School where she sat A-levels in Drama, English Literature and Media Studies. McGlynn made her television debut in a minor role of BBC1's daytime drama Moving On, before landing her first major role in Waterloo Road as Jodi "Scout" Allen in 2011. Sinead's arrival accompanied Chesney's split from partner Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote) following her affair with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras).

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First and last lines

"Sorry not yet. Mmm, that's a gorgeous scent you're wearing by the way." (First line to Sylvia Goodwin)


"He needs a story... to send him off to sleep." (Last line to Daniel Osbourne, about Bertie Osbourne)


List of addresses

Address Duration
Unknown Unknown to January 2014
5 Coronation Street January 2014 to February 2017
15a Coronation Street February 2017 to June 2017
5 Coronation Street June 2017 to January 2018
2a Coronation Street January 2018 to July 2018
15a Coronation Street July 2018 to 25th October 2019

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Market Stall Trader Unknown Unknown to November 2013
Machinist Underworld November 2013 to September 2017
Shop assistant Freshco 25th October 2017 to April 2018
Machinist Underworld 11th April 2018 to 29th October 2018
Supplier Trim Up North Unknown

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