Simon Green was a friend of David Platt. Simon was often seen getting up to mischief with David and the two often played pranks on the residents of Coronation Street.

When the Rovers began allowing kids into the pub, Simon decided to meet up with David and his dad Martin. The two used this opportunity to prank Kevin Webster by loosening the lid on his salt shaker, causing it to go all over his meal. This annoyed Kevin and he demanded a new meal. Landlord Duggie Ferguson agreed with Kevin and said that he would have to rethink his new policy.

David and Simon also annoyed Norris Cole by stealing his trolley full of census forms. The two put bricks on top of the forms in order to wind up Norris and stop him reclaiming the trolley quickly.

Curly Watts asked the two boys if they could deliver some of his campaign letters for £10 each. The two boys took the money but did not deliver any leaflets and when they saw Curly the next day, they were forced to hide behind Ashley Peacock's car to avoid him.

Simon and David next got into trouble when they began kicking bin bags outside of Rosamund Street Medical Centre. David's mum Gail saw the mess that the boys had made and told them to sweep it up after school. Rather than sweeping it up, David and Simon decided to try and set fire to it in the garden of 8 Coronation Street but they had ran out of matches. After Simon left, one of the discarded matches caused the garden to catch fire.

David and Simon were suspected of playing with fire again on Bonfire Night when they decided to steal one of Les Battersby's damp fireworks. The two were stood outside Underworld when they noticed a fire in the factory. Although Gail initially thought the two boys were behind the fire, Simon showed her that the firework he and David had took was unused.

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