Simon Beatty was an architect for whom Steph Barnes left her husband Des in 1991. They split up because of his possessiveness the following year.

Simon met Steph while he was supervising the construction of a warehouse he had designed adjacent to Ashcroft Department Store. Steph worked at the shop's perfume counter and Simon would often go inside to flirt with her. He was a mature professional with an intensity about him, which made him seem exciting to Steph. As she was a married woman, she put him off at first, but she took his card when he asked her out and later called him to arrange a date. Simon was surprised but thrilled to get the call and keenly began an affair with Steph.

During a date in a wine bar, Simon and Steph were seen kissing by her next-door neighbour Derek Wilton, who was entertaining a PPP client there. Steph wasn't ready for Des to know the truth and worked to secure Derek's silence, reporting back to Simon as she did so. This helped Simon come to the realisation that he wanted more than a fling and so he asked Steph to tell Des about them if Derek didn't. His feelings on the subject were cemented when Steph stood him up on a lunch date to go out with Des, who turned up at the store just as she was heading out to meet Simon. Steph made up her mind to leave Des and waited for the right moment.

The couple put their plans on hold when Simon left to work in Swansea for a week. While he was away, Des took Steph on an outing to the Bridgewater Canal to launch his boat, where he confronted her about her affair. Steph left Des with his boat while she went home and packed her bags. Once Des had returned home safe and well, Steph moved into Simon's flat and met the man himself when his train arrived into Piccadilly Station.

Eight months later, Steph left Simon for another man. He had grown jealous and possessive and Steph had had enough. After she walked out, Simon went looking for her at No.6, interrupting Des's birthday party. Finally meeting the infamous Simon, Des was happy to hear that Steph had seen the light and dumped him. Simon darkened Des's door again a few days later, and this time Des let him inside so that he could be satisfied that Steph wasn't there.

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