Shelley was a student at Weatherfield High who, along with Lauren and some other friends, began bullying Bethany Platt in early 2016.

Sarah Platt discovered that her daughter was skipping school despite her upcoming GCSE's. This was because Shelley, Lauren and some other friends were bullying her. Bethany's told her aunt Kylie what was going on and Kylie told her that they were just jealous. Sarah found out two days later why Bethany was skipping school and went over to Lauren's house to confront her mother about the goings on. During the following month, Lauren, Shelley and another friend watched Bethany going back to No.8 and made cruel remarks about her newborn half-brother Harry, calling him an ugly baby. When Nick Tilsley went over to see what was going on, he lost his temper and hurled Lauren's bag into the road.

In July, Lauren tricked Bethany into thinking that she was her friend and led her to Shelley and the rest of the bullies outside Roy's Rolls. Lauren told the gang that Bethany's mum was in a mental hospital and they started to chant "psycho" at her. Employee Anna Windass heard the commotion and the gang dispersed when she came out to check on Bethany.

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